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Milton: “…Tom Silwindi is innocent, we do not know him. Leave him alone.”
Pheluna and Milton Hatembo have said they are tired of running and hiding from individuals forcing them to appeal a case of Kalomo Farm 1924 that has already been disposed of in court.

“…we are living like animals in the bush fleeing our homes for fear of being abducted by people that we know. People forcing us to appeal a case that we have refused to pursue in court after learning we were cheated to sue an innocent person [Hichilema] out of unclear motives,” says Milton.

The Hatembo duo is back in the media this week again after the alleged abduction of a United Party for National Development, (UPND) supporter, Tom Silwiindi last Sunday.

His alleged abduction at gunpoint comes weeks after Forum for Democracy and Development, (FDD) leader, Edith Nawakwi accused him of holding the Hatembos hostage.
But Milton and Pheluna have once again dismissed reports of being held hostage saying they are running away from people forcing them to appeal the case against UPND Alliance president, Hakainde Hichilema.

Milton on his part says Nawakwi was holding meetings with them at various named lodges in Lusaka, cheating his family into believing she would help restore their piece of land due to irregularities in its sale.

He disclosed this during a press briefing organised by a group of civil society organizations, led by Zitukule Consortium in Choma Thursday afternoon.

Milton also reveals that the Hatembos did not want to sue Hichilema, but Nawakwi made them believe her opposition counterpart fraudulently bought their property and they would get it back.

Pheluna, on her part also dismissed claims she has been beaten, but says they are now fearing for their safety after Silwindi’s abduction and the assault on Milton’s wife, Nivia Hatembo recently at the hands of unknown people.

The duo have also jointly disclosed that they did not pay a ngwee towards the legal bills for their case and appeal filed by their lawyer without their consent.

However, Nawakwi in a recent interview with Byta FM News maintained the Hatembos have been compromised under threats from Hichilema’s men — accusations that the siblings dismiss as false.

Nawakwi says farm 1924 was at the time of the sale government property mortgaged to Lima Bank and the issue is not entirely about the Hatembos.

Meanwhile, Zitukule Consortium Board Chairperson, Partner Siabutuba is demanding the state to guarantee the safety of the Hatembos.

He was accompanied by Zitukule Consortium Executive Director, Nicholas Phiri.
Phiri says the duo is living in fear, especially with the abduction of Silwindi, an incident which he believes is not an isolated.

He adds that the interests of the right defenders in the case is non-political, but the safety and life of the victims in this case, the Hatembos.


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