Should We Wait Until UPND Leave Power For The Police To Get The Courage To Arrest Hon Mweetwa ?- Thomas Sipalo


THOMAS Sipalo writes:-


Male Jackson Chama 30 of makeni was arrested yesterday 2 days after issuing tribal remarks on his tiktok page after a Kalomo man complained.on a trending Jackson was seen warning Tongas of hardships ahead after the UPND leave office.

Hon Chishimba Kambwili was also arrested and convicted over a similar offence yet his self confessed accomplice who is also an MP for Choma central constituency,UPND party spokes person as well as Govt Spokeperson is still roaming the streets despite self revealing that the two whilst jointly and acting together worked very well to orchestrate tribal remarks which were issued by Hon Kambwili.

Dr Fred M’membe of the Socialist Party reported the matter to the police but as usual our police haven’t disappointed in dragging their feets to arrest the suspect due to his current Govt position like they used to do with previous PeP individuals who are now so cheap and vulnerable for arrests by anyone wearing a uniform even wa G3 or Cadets can manage to lock them up.

What baffles me is how our Police officers become tight legged arresting serving Govt officials whilst too swift to arrest ordinary citizens,where is equity and fairness in the application of the law?

Should we also wait until UPND leave power or Hon Mweetwa get fired for the police to get the courage to arrest him ?

Why has our police been reduced to mare scavengers who just prey on ordinary poor citizens and persons whose political influence has expired?

Anyways the self confession of working together very well in issuing tribal remarks are preserved on the media,we shall exhume them mapepe yakapusuka,who thought that once powerful political figure could be reduced to ordinary kapususus who can be bundled and arrested for leisure whenever police get bored.




Thomas sipalo,

Hon Chishimba Kambwili


  1. “We worked very well with CK to issue tribal remarks against the Tongas to decampaign ECL” yamuletelela kikikiki
    Kosani onalebo!
    Ni ka 6 months imprisonment chabe!
    Lead by example!
    When you break the Law, just humble yourself and step down!
    How come you have become a sacred cow?

  2. This is the trend in African politics. Chiluba and his thieves were arrested by mwanawasa who died and was succeeded by RB. Sata came next to arrest RB and company then he died and lungu took over. Now upnd have come to arrest lungu’s thieves and once upnd are out the next government will arrest all the wrongdoers in upnd including mweetwa.

  3. Bo sipalo the battle you have entered is a huge one,we don’t want to fight you because to some of us you’re our son,but if you continue misbehaving will have no option but to whip you using a rope made by the animal skin, sit down before you’re caned.

  4. When we condemn or praise politicians or political parties do we sincerely think that we can not stop time. Have we learnt from colonial govt, UNIP, MMD, PF now UPND? Do we agree that politicians are just people like you & me some are good some are bad regardless of political affiliations. When condemning or praising please it is not about tribal, regional or ethnic it is about the happened or the action. What is wrong is wrong & what is right is right. Zambia do not belong to PF OR UPND only NO. Zambia has been there long before PF or UPND let’s not limit Zambia to two parties. And Zambia will continue to exist beyond PF & UPND. These two parties are not yardstick of Zambian lives.


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