Siamunene Also Wants Zambia Changed From Republic To State



FORMER Minister of Defence Minister in the Edgar Lungu Administration, Richwell Siamunene, has backed calls by Mwinilunga Member of Parliament, Newton Samakayi, of turning Zambia from a Republic to a State.

Siamunene tells Byta FM News in an interview that under a Federal State, each Province will be in-charge of its own affairs, with a dedicated budget thereof, hence speeding up development.

The former Sinazongwe Lawmaker adds that doing so will enable each region benefit from its resources and focus on its competitive advantage in pursuing economic growth.

Siamunene is further of the firm view that Federalism will curb elements of tribalism across the country as individuals will be fully involved in the development of their vicinities.

Mwiinilunga Member of Parliament in North Western Province, Newton Samakayi, is of the belief that operating under the principles of a Federal State will iron out tribalism and spur speedy development.

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  1. Our journalists need to update their knowledge of political jargon. The form of governance that is being advocated is a “Federal ” system as that in the USA and Nigeria, for example, and not “State”. In a Federal form of government, a state government controls a subdivision of a country. The state governments collectively share political power with the federal or national government.

  2. It’s a good idea and most of us are supporting it but don’t bring back that bad agenda we were hearing, advocating for the division of Southern Province, splitting it into two. That one we don’t want it and we shall not support you.

  3. This is s good idea.Even here i Germany that is the case but all citizens have right to work anywhere.This system is better than the incumbent system.In a nutshell we have to decentralize ernestly!The current system allows wako niwako system to thrive on a higher level.Why should we have a boss in Lusaka controlling all affairs in all 10 provinces ?This makes some people small gods ….The current system must go…from Berlin


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