Sierra Leone accuses 12 people of trying to stage coup


Twelve people in Sierra Leone are accused of being involved in a coup attempt that happened in November. They are now facing charges.

This group includes some former police and prison officers, and also the ex-bodyguard of former President Ernest Bai Koroma.

Mr Koroma is being suspected of trying to overthrow the government. He has been told to stay at his house by the police since they questioned him last month.

The people accused of a crime have been charged with several serious crimes, including betrayal of their country, hiding that betrayal, and helping the enemy. This was announced by the Information Minister, Chernor Bah.

More people are expected to be arrested soon, the police chief said.

On 26 November, some people with guns broke into a military weapons storage place and some jails in the main city Freetown, letting almost 2,000 prisoners go free.

At least 19 people, including 13 soldiers, died in the fighting, when the army tried to take over the government but didn’t succeed.

In December, the government said that they arrested 80 people who were suspected of trying to take over the government. Some of them were regular people and others were police or military.

Mr Koroma’s daughter, Dankay Koroma, was one of 54 people who were wanted by the police.


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