Sierra Leone arrests ex-presidential guard over foiled coup


Authorities in Sierra Leone have arrested a former presidential bodyguard over links to last month’s foiled coup.

Amadu Koita was tasked with protecting Ernest Bai Koroma during his administration, which ended five years ago.

On Monday, Koita was arrested alongside two police officers accused of harbouring him, Sierra Leone’s Information Minister Chernor Bah said on Tuesday.

He added that Koita, an ex-soldier, “was at the top of the wanted list”.

On 26 November, gunmen broke into an armoury and several prisons in capital city Freetown, freeing almost 2,000 inmates.

At least 19 people, including 13 soldiers, died in the violence, according to the army.

The detention of Koita and the two officers brings the total number of arrests over the coup attempt to 60.

The government on Monday announced that it had arrested 57 people, including 37 military personnel, 10 civilians, four dismissed military personnel, five police personnel and a retired police officer.


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