Satanic church in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG-(MaraviPost)-The First Satanic Church which was launched in February 2020 has now been officially registered in South Africa this month, May 2020.

The church’s mission reportedly is to educate the public on the Satanic Religious Board and to address common misconceptions about Satanic practises as well as Satanic panic.

The co-founder of the Satanic church in South Africa, Riaan Swiegelaar, says the registration has been a 4-year process. The church has a council comprising of 7 people dedicated to representing Satanism in South Africa.

Speaking to local radio stations, Riaan Swiegelar said, “When I discovered Satanism by myself, it wasn’t really an organized organization. And there was no representation so I had to find my way, through the dark, so as to speak, till I met fellow Satanists and we became a very close-knit set of people. So it’s important to have a group that resonates with the philosophy and be able to meet”.

According to Swieglar, who grew up in a strong middleclass Christian household “the main philosophy of Satanism is undefiled wisdom of oneself and living completely free of the guilt invoked by other religions as a result of natural human instinct”.

Sweiglar claims his family hold no grudges and have accepted his choices.



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