By Kubangu Kubangu
A woman who died in 2010 has reappeared in SIKONGO district.

Monde Kuyewa first appeared at a village were her young sister is married in Mwenyi in November 2023.
She narrated to a confused crowd who identified her that she was going to Angola to meet Sifaya her master who had left her in the custody of Yakaipa in Nkeyema who is now unavailable to take care of her.

The people decided to take her to her parents’village kubo Simoni but as they approached the village, she asked to be allowed to answer the call of nature from which she disappeared leaving behind her feacal matter.

She was recaptured last week alive in Katondwana by some people who recognized her and brought back to Simoni in the company of a Witch-doctor who is helping her regain nolmacy.

When our reporter visited the area, scores of curious people from far and near were busy arriving to catch a glimpse of Jesus’ immediate sister.
Source: Kalabo town


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