14 TH JUNE 2020


It’s very clear that in PF nobody cares and responsible enough to tell the Nation the truth about gassing. By creating a vacuum PF is inviting speculations, whether true or false, people will naturally make their own conclusions. Since PF has remained mute on the issue that involved loss of lives; people have now safely concluded that there is something big that PF is hiding. Silence means consent. Be magnanimous and tell Zambians the truth, otherwise the innocent people that were gassed will teach you a lesson in 2021 elections. Only the truth shall set you free.

Since you are a very un caring Government, you have just de campaigned yourselves. Whatever people will be told about gassing will be taken as the Gospel truth. When the gassing started in Chingola, Ba PF and your Police gave very misleading and meaningless statements on the issue. At one time we were told that human beings were turning into cats, such nonsense can only come from a Wizard and not a trained Police Officer. Again you lied to us that samples have been taken to the lab to analyze the contents of the gas being used. Is your lab so ancient to take you this long?

Police informed the public that the gassing master minder has been arrested. Are you still processing the docket to take this terrorist to Court? Remember, if you choose to weave a web of deceit sooner or later you are caught in it. You looked very clever when you were cheating us, now you are caught between your lies and the truth.

Zambians are now relying on raw information from the streets; such as, gassing was meant to implicate HH in order to eliminate him from the 2021 elections. Assuming the information on the streets is true, what made you start gassing your own people? If all these allegations are not true, then give us the side of your story. Is it not strange that the entire Government machinery failed to know who was behind the whole saga that caused so much fear and alarm in the Country? Remember zero option and black mamba, who was behind these evil schemes?

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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