LUSAKA magistrate, Fine Mayambo has sentenced a businessman and social media blogger Mwewa Chitambala, popularly known as Simon Mwewa Lane to six months simple imprisonment in a matter is charged with malicious damage of property.

Magistrate Mayambo in passing Judgement ruled that the prosecution proved their case beyond reasonable doubt through their witnesses.

The court therefore found Mwewa guilty of deflating tyres on a minibus which was packed near Simoson Building at City market.

It is alleged that Mwewa used a knife to deflate tyres on a bus parked near Simoson Building, which belongs to Mr. Ricky Nyimbili. – Daily Natio


  1. Fake News….. Why do you wish Simon bad ALWAYS???

    HIS FATHER was prudent enough to LEAVE him with ALL THAT WEALTH.

    LEAVE SOMETHING for your children too.

  2. He is an idiot… period. You don’t take the law in your hands simply because your father could do the same under Kaunda’s regime and built a death trap without council approval. His father was one of the yellow eyed boys of Kaunda: Enock Kavindele, Simon Mwewa, Benjamin Mwila, Vernon Mwaanga, Rupiah Banda…none of them remembered KK except an outsider who had shown love to Kaunda from his childhood in Mpika and that is Michael Chilufya Sata. He even honoured him as President sending him out on trips and appointing Panji and Waza in government.

  3. Emmotions once untamed lead to regretable actions.Never lose your temper beyond control ,no matter what the situation is.Sorry for what happened …The issue could have been settled outside courts

  4. If it was an ordinary citizen he would have been given a suspended sentence as a first offender with no criminal history but because he is a celebrity the magistrate just wanted to show that he is in charge and doesn’t favor anyone hence the custodial sentence. If mwewa appeals this sentence can be suspended by a higher court or even reduced.

  5. Custodial sentence for what? Deflating tyres of someone’s vehicle?
    Come on ba Court…Just a reprimand , and a session on anger management can do. Don’t congest our prisons with people whose offenses don’t require being in Prison.

  6. The beauty of legal cases is that one has a right to appeal when he or she feels the judgement was too severe or unfair.

    I trust we have not heard the last of this matter. However, truth be told it is not wise to take matters into one’s own hands apart from the law. It is wise to abide by what the law instructs.

    Anger, resentment or violence against a perceived wrong doer is not an appropriate way to handle contentious issues.

    This is an important lesson to would be offenders. We hope leniency will be mitigated when an appeal is made.

  7. No wonder our prisons are too congested!
    Something tells me our Legal system leaves much to be desired!
    I remember a similar case in one of the neighboring countries where the offender was fined to compensate the victim!
    With the way minibus drivers misbehave on our roads, this judgement gives them more fuel to continue misbehaving!
    It’s a judgement that has many implications!
    That reminds me of some cases I have personally witnessed on our roads. I remember one minibus rudely blocking traffic on one of our roads. The minibus driver did not realize that immediately behind him was a military man who disembarked from his vehicle and deflated all the minibus tyres just to teach someone a rude lesson. That man in uniform is still enjoying his freedom!
    Why a custodial sentence on someone who was grievously offended? So unfair!
    These are some of the judgements that erode confidence in our Judicial system!
    You only deal with the smoke of the case and leave fire that can easily become an inferno!
    Lord have mercy!


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