Hon. Petersen Zagaze
Hon. Petersen Zagaze

By Petersen Zagaze

I will speak in my own individual capacity.

If psychogical manipulations, propaganda and tricks weren’t part of politics, I would be fooled and naive to be convinced to think we all as aspiring candidates equally stood a chance to get that adoption over Mr. Simunji.

To start with, the adoption was not about Nalikwanda Constituency residents or voters choosing who should represent the party but the adoption was based on the desires and wants of ward structures and Constituency committee etc. The adoption was based on who was most preferable from ward to provincial through the party’s constituency office and officials at the district. All these relevant Individuals holding party posts were looking for a candidate that actually had a more sound working relationship with the structures. Someone they are convinced they can work with and win against Honorable G. Luangwangwa.

Apart from a few ward committees who preferred differently, Mr Simunji topped the outcomes at Ward and Constituency elections, Why? Because I honestly feel he did ‘exactly’ what the wards deemed necessary to be done and full filled by anyone who needs an adoption certificate to contest the Nalikwanda seat. This was evident from similarity of the voting pattern between ward committee members and those at the Constituency level.

The man had more votes in Nalikwanda itself, he only staggered at district committee voting outcome, and faced a little turbulances when it reached the provincial but still was a force to reckon with. Yes! Many things happened in Nalikwanda that’s why it was one of the Constituencies that were announced late. However, with all that drama and politics at hand Mr. Simunji was a master who strived to accomplish his preferred outcome.

Congralutations once more big man!

As for me, I faced politics itself from the structures. Atleast I was lucky before I hit the ground, one knowledgeable national youth official was real and truthful enough to educate me about the possible outcome likely to be produced by the structures in a constituency like Nalikwanda. He stated despite the love and support from the people and voters in general, the decision for adoption was not for all residents but the party structures with power to decide who is to be.

Why I am here and not adopted:

1. I decided to seek for adoption on the UPND quite late, when the organizational structures had already decided the battle was between the three long serving party members (Sibote, Sikufele & Simunji). It is always wise to serve the party more longer, die a little and show commitment to convince significant members you are in for real.

2. My competitors had done a lot in helping formation of the now new existing party structures. Who evidently demonstrated I was new and stranger to them through the few numbers of votes they threw my way. Thank you Namengo ward for giving the most votes amongst other wards, I will never forget. One day I will find a way to show my gratitude.

3. I campaigned to structures that had candidates of their choice on their minds, already arrived at during the intraparty elections. So the adoption process was a time of payback and committees or candidates were literally sizing up each other, in the quest to pick a candidate of choice the populace on the ground preferred. This made me be the only candidate who received votes from all words.

4. I was kept in the dark without any information of elections outcome from wards by constituency officials. I was not accorded a chance to own election agents and was practically denied access and blocked from being interviewed at any phases including the provincial.

5. During this whole process, I have been ignored by all party officials including people I talk to before I announced I was seeking adoption from party, apart from the regular check ups by one Romeo Kangombe. Thank you Comrade

6. Unveiling myself for adoption on the last minutes wasn’t a favoring norm.

IN SHORT, THE PARTY AND IT’S STRUCTURES REJECTED ME. And no one can force acceptance where there is ‘total’ rejection in every possible way. I now know the meaning of ku wire 😂🤣

But Kamudala keve ka Simunji did his homework as preferred by the powers that be, let us accept and move on.

We are not dead, we are still alive and kicking. This is the time to continue politicking in the best way possible.

ECZ Nominations are on monday…..



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