Gwembe Constituency Member of Parliament Tyson Simuzingili has counselled former President Edgar Lungu to keep quiet on matters to do with democracy as his regime was democratically a living hell.

Simuzingili claimed that Lungu led the most brutal regime which never tolerated divergent views.

The Lawmaker tells Byta FM News that Lungu should be ashamed of himself to even talk about the current democratic space when his regime never had respect for the same democracy he is claiming to be shrinking.

He says the former Head of State should not abuse the freedom of speech which clearly never existed during his tenure.

Simuzingili adds that Lungu will never bounce back to power except in his dreams.

During a press briefing on Friday, the former Head of State Edgar Lungu said no one will be allowed to kill democracy which was hard earned in Zambia, adding that democratic power belongs to the people.

He said it is unfortunate that democracy is being killed by the very people in Government who are supposed to protect it.

He further said he is extremely happy about the response he is receiving from other opposition political parties that are willing to work together.

Byta FM


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