By Fact Check Zambia
Since Hakainde Hichilema Is A Tribalist Can Edgar Chagwa Lungu/Patriotic Front Provide Audio Or Visual Evidence Of HH’s Tribalism!

Since Hakainde Hichilema is a tribalist can Edgar Chagwa Lungu/Patriotic Front provide audio or visual evidence of HH’s tribalism, if Edgar Lungu/PF can’t provide audiovisual evidence of Hichilema’s tribalism or regionalism….Can they provide quotations from HH which are borderline tribalism.

It’s ridiculous for Edgar Chagwa Lungu/Patriotic Front to believe Zambians are so gobble to succumb to primate tribalism,is that why Lungu/PF paid Chishimba Kambwili $1 million American Dollars to comeback to PF to orchestrate tribal propaganda.

Mesmerizing that Edgar Chagwa Lungu/Patriotic Front have gone so diabolical to include paramount chief Chitimukulu, Paramount chief Mpezeni and Paramount chief Mwaata Kazemba in their tribalistic politicization. Gazetted chiefs involvement in politics is a constitutional violation penalized by degazettement and 3 years imprisonment.

Zambia’s constitution since 1991 criminalized traditional leaders partisan politics, this was aimed to prevent potential ethnic conflict and genocide, Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s incorporation of chiefs in Patriotic Front ethnocentric propaganda isn’t shocking after all Lungu’s presidency is tainted by lawlessness and primitiveness.

Transparent to Zambians with eyes and audible to Zambians with ears that Edgar Chagwa Lungu/Patriotic Front are unintelligent to decampaign United Party for National Development by punching holes in the newly lurched UPND 2021-2026 manifesto,Edgar Lungu/PF are incapable of challenging HH on policies.

Zambians can’t eat tribalism,Edgar Chagwa Lungu/Patriotic Front must explain to Zambians how the promises of 2011 remain unfulfilled,the broken promises listed are:

👉 More Money In Your Pockets

👉 More Jobs

👉 Lower Taxes

Zambians ain’t interested in HH benefited from privatization propaganda unless Edgar Chagwa Lungu/Patriotic Front unveil authenticate documentation proving HH’s guilty. Zambians won’t be brainwashed by mindless propaganda,Zambians want to familiarize themselves with policy frameworks that will revamp the collapsed economy.

Zambians want their leaders to summarize their prioritization of Zambian entrepreneurs participation in the industrialization agenda.

Joblessness and Hopeless are a breeding ground for criminality and a magnetic attraction for extremism, Zambian youths won’t vote for a road cause youths need a preoccupation to put food on the table and youths won’t vote for a mini hospital when majority youths are prematurely dying from chronic depression and suicide attributed to anxiety over the future and inescapable poverty.

Impartial advice to Patriotic Front/Edgar Chagwa Lungu your tribalism and regionalism propagation won’t gain you votes but further decline your already dwindling voter base.

Sunday Chanda, Chishimba Kambwili, Richard Sakala, Chitimukulu and GBM Weaponization of tribalism against HH only has a messianic popularization of HH’s image while demonizes Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s own image as a lunatic polarizer, genocide plotter and resource looter. -Fact Check Zambia


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