Since When Did The Police Become Undertakers Asks Silavwe



… says even in his death Tutwa Ngulube remains a threat to UPND.

Mufulira, Saturday, December, 09, 2023 [Smart Eagles]

Golden Party of Zambia President Jackson Silavwe has questioned the rationale behind police’s decision to cancel former Kabwe Central member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube’s memorial service which was scheduled to take place in Kabwe today.

Heavy armed battalion of police officers surrounded the house of Tutwa Ngulube after word went round that former President Edgar Lungu was among the people scheduled to attend the memorial service.

Speaking when he featured on Yours FM in Mufulira, Mr. Silavwe said the UPND Government and President Hichilema are being unfair to Tutwa’s family, friends and associates by canceling the memorial service on flimsy grounds.

Mr. Silavwe asked whether the police have now become undertakers and have started policing funeral gatherings.

He said it seems the late Tuwa Ngulube remains a threat to UPND even in his death.

” Ever since did the police become undertakers, they are being unfair to Tutwa’s family. It is the duty of the police to make the procession peaceful and not interfere with the family memorial service. Tutwa Ngulube was a well known figure who had associates, friends and relatives who would have loved to be part of the memorial service,” He said.

Mr. Silavwe said President Hichilema should learn to treat people well and stop being vindictive.

” If the actual funeral was peaceful what more the memorial service. The real intention here is that President Hichilema does not want us the opposition to meet because he feels threatened. If he can mistreat the dead what about us who are alive,” Mr. Silavwe said.


  1. Tutwa Ngulube’s family cancelled the memorial because Given lubinda wanted to turn it into a spectacle. How was Ngulube ever a threat to UPND? The Ngulibe family would have preferred a private affair but Given Lubinda faction wanted to abuse the occassion by calling on all PF members to wear their regalia; this was against what the family had guided for all intending to come for the memorial. Muzikhalako na nzelu please.Indeed nowonder Mumbi Phiri refers to opposition party presidents as cockroaches

  2. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.stop disrespecting the police for keeping the peace. You know that the Lubinda faction was there to campaign and cause commotion. Useless opposition with nothing to offer as solutions only criticism.

  3. Unless you are dumb and stupid, you would take Lungu’s praises of Tutwa literally. The PF and Lungu’s minions didn’t want Tutwa and Fube to get anywhere close to any meaningful leadership government positions despite being the people that put Lungu in PF presidency through their legal manuvers and waking up Judge Mulenga at 02:00 hrs to effect an injunction. It’s that injuction that made Lungu to become President of Zambia. Did he award them for the dirty work? No! He didn’t because he is selfish and knew they could outsmart him. How legal was a conference that was run under Pangas and intimidation? Did every other member of the PF attend? There were 2 PF camps and conferences held at the time, so which one was legal. The water has already passed under the bridge and the court’s time cannot be wasted on party factions. PF was supposed to be rebranding from August 2021. They can’t rebrand with the same thieves at the elm. There is now a new PF leader who should lead the rebrading. Move on and start organising your party instead of being a one man party.

  4. Silavwe is another useless politician who raises issues without any semblance of logic. Look, just because there are policemen there doesn’t mean that the government has cancelled the memorial service, a private matter they don’t have control over.. Talk about the cadres zayelo was Encouraging to go to, kabwe other than bringing in irrelevant issues


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