By Enoch Lusoke

Leader of the opposition Green Party Peter Sinkanmba has demanded for an apology from Speaker Of The National Assembly Patrick Matibini to the public for allegedly disrespecting the constitutional court.

Last week, Dr Matibini said he has constitutional powers to interpret the constitution, following the ruling by the constitutional court in the case involving former Roan Member Of Parliament, Chishimba Kambwili that he exceeded his powers in handling the matter.

But speaking to Phoenix News, Mr. Sinkamba is concerned that the statement by the speaker not only questions the competence of the constitutional court judges, but has the potential to fuel a breakdown of law and order in the country because other people will also start questioning and disregarding rulings passed by the courts.

Mr. Sinkamba explains that aside from the bill of rights whose interpretation lies in the hands of the Supreme Court, all constitutional matters fall under the constitutional court as the final authority.


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