Peter Sinkamba 

By Leah Ngoma

Opposition Green Party Leader Peter Sinkamba says he will not risk compromising his party`s ideologies by forming a political alliance with other opposition parties ahead of next year`s general elections.

UPND and NDC Leaders, Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili, respectively, have called for fielding of one candidate – a move which the opposition anticipates will increase the numbers for Mr. Hichilema as a known candidate for 2021 to unseat the PF under President Edgar Lungu.

But Mr. Sinkamba has told Phoenix News that political alliances have proved to a problem most of the times due to different ideologies by political parties which usually result in disagreements in the long run.

Mr. Sinkamba however states that his party can only go into an alliance based on similar ideologies with another party and not for the sake of removing the ruling party from office.


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