Dr SISHUWA Sishuwa

By Timothy Jere

The problem is that the statement attributed to him is written by an academic who knows that first, data must have a trend, which he has failed to do.

Secondly any person who calls themselves an academic and Governance expert must surely know that other than urgent legislation like tax reforms, parley has three sittings, budget (September), legislation (February) and Committee (June).

How can UPND start presenting bills that have not been discussed with the public to parliament? The President said, in SONA, that POA is coming to parliament and currently the CPC or Penal Code is being revised.

Isn’t this the same thing that led to a discussion on bigamy? Ultimately Sishuwa is hanging on straws as he has nothing to say about HH. Freedom of speech does not equal insulting someone. Let’s look for proper excuses, when what we hoped to get has turned out the way we wanted it


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