Situmbeko Musokotwane responds to Emmanuel Mwamba’s foolishness over debt

Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, MP

Situmbeko Musokotwane responds to Emmanuel Mwamba’s foolishness over debt.

The Finance Minister writes below:

When then UPND government took over in 2021, the PF government had already DEFAULTED on both debts to Official Creditors and to the Private Creditors. And no solution was in sight. The defaulting was in the aftermath of the unsustainable debts acquired by the PF government. The PF government had earlier dismissed all advice, local and external, to slow down on debt because it was soon going to be a big problem.

The UPND government immediately set out to resolve the debt. Last year, the government without any doubt managed to restructure the country’s debt with the Official Creditors. That is done and dusted. It was therefore justified that the country indeed celebrated this leg of success with one category of the Creditors. At no point ever did the PF government get anywhere to reaching agreement with official creditors to restructure Zambia’s debt.

What remained is the debt with Private Creditors. Negotiations were promptly started with this category culminating in an agreement with them. Again, the PF government never ever reached any agreement with private creditors. Not even mere talks were ever initiated.

The understanding among all creditors and financial supporters (e.g. IMF, World Bank etc) is that the debt restructuring by all categories of creditors must be comparable. Accordingly the offer by the private creditors was interrogated by the other parties. The opinion of the other parties was that the offer by private creditors to restructure Zambia’s debt did not meet some criteria and therefore needed improvements.

At this stage further discussions are on going to reach understanding on what will constitute an acceptable proposal by private creditors to restructure Zambia’s debt.

Emmanuel Mwamba now sees this as failure. He is wrong!

Agreement with Official Creditors was sealed as indicated above. And now, efforts to reach agreement with private creditors are continuing so that debt restructuring is achieved in totality.
The UPND government has therefore made very good progress in resolving Zambia’s debt crisis. There is still somework remaining but the progress is there and this effort will succeed.

Emmanuel Mwamba was part of the PF government that caused this problem of debt and failed to address the same problem they caused. To this day the country continues to suffer from ripple effects of the debt crisis. And for all the money borrowed, the PF left behind pending development challenges like huge unpaid bills of fuel supplied, lack of teachers in schools, no classrooms, non functioning railway, deteriorating high ways, unpaid pensioners, etc.

It is amazing, therefore, that rather than recognize efforts being made to solve the debt problem that they left, Mwamba is relishing on temporal setbacks like that of the uncompleted restructuring of the private creditors. It is as if he derives satisfaction in the peoples suffering which his own government left on the people through the unsustainable debt they acquired.


    • They are a definition of fools and it is out of their foolishness that they took this country to ICU and now blame the doctors who are trying by all means to bring it to life again.

      • It just shows you the calibre of Lungu and his fellow dull cohorts. Imagine such trash were holding high positions in PF. What a waste of opportunities. May the LORD forgive us.

  1. It is indeed surprising that Emmanuel Mwamba fails to acknowledge the problems PF put this country in and the efforts being made by the current administration to resolve the problems.

  2. The response by Dr Musokotwane seems to be high level and general to me. Every Zambian with a little bit of common sense knows that PF landed us into this Economic Ditch and also it is evident to any fair minded person about what UPND is trying to do, to pull us out of this Cesspool Ditch. However, I would have expected Dr Musokotwane to clear the air and respond specifically to the “allegations” and the figures that Mr Mwamba was throwing around in his Article, instead of being general. Don’t they say “Figures don’t lie”?

    • He has no time to start displaying figures just because the foolish man he is responding to did. Is he going to illustrate intricate information every time a loafing jobless foolish man regurgitates shit? Obviously no. Figures arrived at professionally don’t lie. But politically cooked ones lie of course. Remember the man cooking the figures you’re referring to is a mingalato expert for PF. He wants public sympathy but UPND experts have seen through his wiles…

      • Indeed, it will take Musokotwane time to start going through figures and phoning, I would rather he uses that time to rest. Otherwise Sitali your point is genuine too but I think its not really necessary subject Musokotwane to that.

  3. Musokotwane is the biggest fool and he has been exposed. He found the Kwacha at $1 to K15 and now it’s $1 to 27, that’s 69% lost value. Musungus have backed off debt discussions because Musokotwane and HH are dishonest. Same way they lied to Zambians about reducing prices is how musungus found out about their dishonesty. These UPND failures have not taken responsibility for anything. They are cry babies full of blaming this or that. Leave PF alone. These clowns are failures.


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