Sir I’m forced to Defend ECL against your unfortunate comments using what we Philosophers call the Socratic Method and I will ask you a just a few questions.

Q1. How will ECL heal when his wife is being harrased by law enforcement agencies who have searched her NGO and questioned all the people around her?

Q2. How will ECL heal when all the people around him are either in Jail or appearing in court on tramped up charged. His barberman, ADC, Deputy SG, National Chairman, are you feeling what he is going through?

Q3. Who will heal you from the anger we saw you exhibit when Late RB supported Mutati? You were in the forefront with HH denigrating RB and even took him to court over the MMD Presidency to which you have had no convention for fear of losing elections. Why didn’t you heal yourself.

Q4. Why did you betray the opposition in Zambia from being spokesperson only to emerge as the weakest and most untrusted Vice President in African politics.

Q5. Are you not just looking for a job sir, now that HH is warmer than ECL? Knowing how you lowered yourself from VEEP to accept a Job below deputy PS as diplomat to Canada?

Q6. How far have you gone in healing for vigorously forgetting the pulpit to wrestle Felix Mutati over MMD and are you not planning on retiring to pave way for fresh blood now that you are officially Bally’s guy. Would you accept a job as DC?

  • Tutwa Ngulube


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