Six Russian jets destroyed by Ukrainian drones after blasting drinking song


Ukrainian sources say that at least six Russian warplanes were destroyed in an attack on Morozovsk airfield.

Last night, Ukraine carried out a big kamikaze drone attack on three important Russian military airfields. There were over 60 explosions reported in the Rostov region where the Morozovsk base is located.

As they got closer to the military base, some of the Ukrainian drones began playing a German song from the 1970s about drinking and staying drunk for seven days.

Approximately 20 Russian soldiers were killed or injured in the attack, according to RBC Ukraine. Additionally, eight planes were damaged.

Frontline bombers like Su-24, Su-24M, and Su-34 are regularly kept at the airfield.

They were used to attack Ukraine during the war.

As of April 4th, there were about 26 Su-34 fighter jets and three Su-35 warplanes at the airbase, according to OSINT reports.

The SBU secret service and the Ukrainian army worked together to carry out the kamikaze drone strike.

The joint special operation had amazing results – at least six Russian military planes were destroyed and eight more were badly damaged, according to a source from RBC Ukraine.

If it’s true, it would be a major hit to Vladimir Putin’s air force during the war.

The Russian side did not confirm or independently analyze the claims.

The attacks happen at a time when people are saying that Russia might send more soldiers to fight against Ukraine.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia is getting ready to gather 300,000 soldiers on June 1st.

He didn’t give any more information about the claim.


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