Slap Dee reassures fans of being fine after a fall


Slap Dee reassures fans of being fine after a “father Benard” fall

ZAMBIAN hip-hop sensation, Slap Dee, took a tumble during his electrifying performance at the Music Club last night.

Slap Dee’s video of the fall has been buzzing on social media with some likening it to a TikTok trending video of Father Benard falling.

The artist, whose real name, Mwila Musonda and known for his swag and energetic stage presence, found himself flat on the ground while belting out his hit song, “For a Long Time,” featuring Bobby East.

As Slap Dee reached the iconic lyrics, “I think the devil wanna test me,” fate seemed to have a wicked sense of humor.

With an unfortunate misstep, the musician took a few backwards strides, only to lose his footing and crash down to the ground in a most dramatic fashion as fans wondered if it was part of the act or not.

While many in the audience initially gasped, their concerns were quickly alleviated as Slap Dee assured his fans that he was unharmed. In a Facebook post this morning.

Slap Dee wrote, “I missed a step moving back last night while performing and fell. Otherwise, I’m good, guys!”

Slap Dee further expressed his gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support and love.



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