Immigration Department spokesperson NAMATI NSHINKA


The Department of Immigration has arrested four suspected masterminds of human trafficking and smuggling who have eluded the dragnet for over a decade.

This was during a five-day operation targeted at persons at the heart of trafficking and smuggling syndicates.

Immigration Department spokesperson NAMATI NSHINKA has disclosed the arrest of the suspected masterminds in a statement to ZNBC news today.

Mr. NSHINKA said the Department of Immigration conducted an operation from 23rd to 27th April 2023 in Nakonde, Lusaka, Chirundu and Siavonga with the support of Officers from other security wings.

He said on 25th April 2023, the team apprehended two Tanzanian Masterminds after eight Somali and one Ethiopian suspected illegal immigrant were found in a Tanzanian Registered vehicle in Nakonde.

The duo was in the process of finalising arrangements to deliver the illegal immigrants to two Zambian Masterminds who at the time of the operation were in Chirundu and Siavonga.

Mr. NSHINKA said the two Zambian Masterminds engaged a Driver of a Public Service Mini-Bus and his Co-Driver to receive the illegal immigrants and transport some to Chirundu and others to Siavonga.

However, both the Driver and his Co-Driver were nabbed by the team of Officers at Lusaka’s National Heroes Stadium, where they had gone to pick up the illegal immigrants.

Mr. NSHINKA further said during their arrest, the Mini-Bus had on board other unsuspecting Zambian passengers destined for Chirundu, who were deliberately picked to avoid suspicion at roadblocks.

In the late hours of 26th April 2023, the Officers apprehended one Zambian Mastermind in Chirundu aboard a Toyota Allion as he attempted to receive some of the illegal immigrants.

And in the early hours of 27th April 2023, another Zambian Mastermind and his co-driver were apprehended in Siavonga aboard a Toyota Hiace when they received the other illegal immigrants.

He however said the co-driver escaped and remains at large.


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