…as he assumes the Chairmanship of the party’s Election Sub-Committee

Lusaka, Thursday, January 4, 2024 (Smart Eagles)

The Socialist Party (SP) has appointed Trymore Mwenda as Chairperson for the Election Sub-Committee and Member of the National Council Management Committee.

In his acceptance of the appointment speech at the party secretariat in Lusaka, Wednesday, Mr Mwenda said he has accepted to work with the SP due to his realization that it is the only party that is capable of liberating the country from its economic struggles among others.

He indicated that SP is the only vehicle that will stabilize the economy.

“I am Trymore Mwenda that has just been appointed and that has just accepted the appointment as chairman for the election sub-committee under the only vehicle that will liberate the suffering Zambians. The only vehicle that will stabilize the economy that is dwindling each and every day,” he said.

“I have accepted to work under the Socialist Party, under the able and accountable leadership president comrade Fred M’membe. I accept this appointment and I am coming to learn, and also to contribute to the already existing strong foundation that is attracting so many Zambians to join this movement.”

He described the party as an unstoppable movement.

“As chairman for the election sub-committee, I will work with existing structures to offer leadership and to ensure that whatever that is required in terms of elections is put in place. I am not going to work alone. I am going to work with everybody else in the team because this is the movement, a none stoppable movement,” he said.

“A movement that has come to ensure that the people of Zambia are given the power.”

Mr Mwenda has observed how the country has surrendered all the key economic sectors to foreigners.

He cited the mining and banking sectors as among those that are being run by foreigners.

“As it stands, we have no country to call Zambia, because everything is in the hands of foreigners. Talk about the mines, they are run by the foreigners, talk about the banks, are run by the foreigners. Talk about each and every sector of this country is in the hands of the foreigners. And therefore, I came to my realization that the only movement, the only vehicle that can liberate, that can bring the freedom to the people of Zambia, is the Socialist Party,” he has said.

“And therefore, I would love to thank the leadership for the trust that they have shown in me by giving me this position that requires a lot of concerted efforts. And therefore, I would love to thank the President, comrade Fred M’membe, the General Secretary and all the leaders that are in this movement.”


  1. Continue dreaming, after all dreams are tax free, and even if they were taxable, you would default going by the record of your leader and all the PF2 members joining the wagon that is headed into a bottomless pit. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. Go back in the archives and find out how Post News paper collapsed under the leadership of M’ membe. Let him go back to journalism than washing our time

  3. Mr.Trywell Mwenda not long ago prior to the last general election where ECL lost was a louder Singer for the PF. I thought he was strong and a good morally standing being who would not change posts because the PF lost power. Socialist Party should be very careful with the likes of people like him because he is not joining the party for a service but to destroy the way he did with PF. He is a man with a vulgar language which separates not building. Anyway the Socialist party is composed of such characters because even Mr.Meembe has such characteristics. Wishing you the best of luck to the Socialist party.

  4. The socialist party is now recieving political cockroaches and assigning them to high positions. Onlya few days ago that same fool was saying only Zambia must prosper can liberate Zambian.

  5. How will SP liberate Zambia?? By packing itself with former PF adherents?

    SP is slowly acquiring the character of PF and therefore, we should expect it to behave like PF.


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