Socialist Party provides insights into Electoral Challenges in Zambia as obtained in the Kayo ward by-election



…Socialist Party provides insights into Electoral Challenges in Zambia as obtained in the Kayo ward by-election

Lusaka, Zambia24 (20-02-2024) – The Socialist Party (SP) has urged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to adhere to constitutional provisions and implement recommendations from electoral observers following the 2021 elections, won by the UPND.

During a media briefing, Party General Secretary Cosmas Musumali criticized the ECZ for behaving like an extension of the UPND election committee and emphasized the importance of upholding free and fair election standards as per the Constitution.

Dr Musumali warned that failure to comply with the law would undermine the credibility of the upcoming 2026 elections and accused the ECZ of ignoring electoral malpractices favoring the ruling UPND.

He argued that in a society where the rule of law prevails, the government should resign when it fails to meet public expectations.

Despite his criticisms, Musumali expressed confidence that the UPND would lose the 2026 elections.

Dr Musumali also highlighted the pressing issue of ongoing by-elections, which seem to prioritize political interests over societal needs, such as addressing hunger.

He called for accountability from political leaders and urged Zambians to demand transparency in the use of public funds during by-elections to prevent corruption.

Dr Musumali accused the UPND of exploiting poverty and hunger during by-elections through tactics like offering handouts and resorting to intimidation to secure votes.

He criticized political leaders for neglecting critical issues like poverty, hunger, and corruption, and called on citizens to document and expose malpractices.

Antonio Mwanza, Deputy General Secretary of the Socialist Party, raised concerns about the lack of impartiality within the ECZ, questioning the suitability of its commissioners and criticizing its failure to adhere to constitutional principles.

Mwanza also criticized the actions of the police, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and media houses for violating democratic rights and electoral laws.

He stressed the growing call for all Zambians to pressure the ECZ to adhere to constitutional standards.

Meanwhile, Trymore Mwenda affirmed the Socialist Party’s commitment to contesting forthcoming by-elections despite obstacles and attempts by the ruling party to subvert democracy.

Mwenda highlighted concerns about electoral malpractice in the Kayo ward by-election and emphasized the importance of regular elections in upholding democracy.

He lamented the violence and government interference in the Kayo ward election but expressed resilience amid adversity.

And Mwenda emphasized the Socialist Party’s dedication to participating in by-elections and maintaining an active presence in the political landscape beyond 2026.

Recognizing the media’s role, the party emphasized the importance of sharing its electoral experiences to promote transparency and accountability.


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