Socialist Party Training Young People as Medical Doctors in Venezuela- Dr Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe

SP Training Young People as Medical Doctors

As part of our manifesto, our solutions and alternative to the health challenges in Zambia, the Socialist Party Zambia is training young people as doctors that will work with our people upon their completion. The SP’s key three programme areas include agriculture, health and education.


  1. This man claim to be pan African but why didn’t he send those students to an African country? Instead he sent them to western country and he is busy condemning other people who deal with the west.
    Does he think the west is only USA?

    • Sometimes you can wonder how politicians take us mwandi, and you would find that they are just two and are his friend’s children or relatives and they will come and work at the clinic he is trying to open to expand his business. How is this nonsense or his business become necessary to take to the media? Eishi


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