Soldier doctor drags wife to court over her sexual charity works

A more-than-brave woman of Lusaka – the headquarters of sexual infidelity – is about to be tossed in the singles’ dustbin after her husband learnt of her carnal charity works.

Dr Kaunda Lwimba of Zambia Army and a resident of Itawa township in Ndola has cried to the Ndola High Court to divorce him from his wife of six years, Lerato Lwimba, owing to her extramarital relations.

According to Dr Lwimba’s submissions to the court, while he was out for peace-keeping in the Central African Republic, his wife back home was also providing peaceful climaxes for not one or two but a Parliament men.

The doctor explained that his wife would whet the appetites of her relief service recipients with nude pictures and videos of herself before serving them with the ultimate dish.

Dr Lwimba first learnt of Lerato’s cheating ways in 2020 and immediately filed for divorce but later withdrew the case, hoping his wife would change.

However, unafraid of the uniformed soldier, Lerato continued to grant men access to her body which should have been reserved for her husband alone.

For evidence, Dr Lwimba told the court that he is ready to provide steamy text messages the pig-headed mother of his three children has been exchanging with the trespassing men.



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