A soldier has reportedly killed his girlfriend after she rejected his marriage proposal after he invested heavily into the relationship financially.

A Twitter user who broke the unfortunate news on social media recounts that the army man shot the lady killing her instantly after it dawned on him that she won’t become his wife.

According to the narrator, the boyfriend had sponsored her education and taken care of her financial needs for more than 4years hoping that he will marry her in the not-too-distant future.

To his utmost shock, the lady ended the relationship and that was when he committed the heinous crime as payback.

The full story read; ”Dude sponsored her through school, leaving her with his credit cards to live in luxury and meeting her every demand 9while ignoring his siblings and parents) with the intention of marry her – believing she is a virgin.

Lady said she is no longer marry him and he killed her. I’m not allowed to post the picture but he sprayed her bullets.”

See screenshot:Soldier-kills-girlfriend-for-dumping-him-after-he-sponsored-her-education-1


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