SOLI Land (Nkomesha Chief-dom) Stretches From Chongwe River,Kafue River,Near Mwembeshi,
Around John Chinena,
Ngwelele Back into Chongwe River.

Its a Richest Chiefdom in Zambia Because it houses State House, Cabinet office, Banks, Airports, Mansions etc

Plus its The only Chiefdom with The Highest Population.

Chieftainess Nkomesha can Boast to have Tycoons, President, MPs in her Chiefdom.

Knowing your Place let’s go….

1) KABWATA was a Soli Village under Headman Kabwata who later became Chief Nkomesha in 1905-1935.

The Fields were in Libala. In soli a Field is Called Libala,

Some of her Subjects Worked in Farms around CHILANGA

After knocking off, the sun would always set around Lilayi and Solis could say Lilayi lisuba meaning The sun is about to set Today you call it Lilaya.

MATERO in Soli a Slope. It is called Matelo. If you look at Matero Market going down Lilanda it’s Slopy. That’s where The Name Came from Ku Matelo.

KABULONGA as you go towards Chibelo school there is that Clay soil, that’s where women and kids could go and get Clay for moulding clay pots etc. That’s how they Named it Kabulongo “Bulongo” means Soils in soli.

Where Chita lodge and Manda hill is those where Soli Grave yards

Where Parliament Stands That’s where Headman MWALUSAKA had his Village.

Garden Compound was a Watery place where Mwalusaka was doing is Gardening,

Kafue Town its Kafuwa, Solis Crossed Kufue River using Libuwa or Kafuwa(a bone) That’s how the Name Kafue Came about.

Most Names were Mispronounced by our White Masters, that’s how we came up with misplaced Names


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