Solicitor General Marshal Muchende’s Arrogance Vindicates Us- Fred M’membe



Solicitor General Mr Marshal Muchende, who stands accused of running a bribery scheme, and is currently being investigated by the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) can afford to be this arrogant and pompous over such serious matters because he knows where his protection lies.

The Bembas say: “Mumbwe pakulila ninshi pali eko ashintilile”.

And so, Mr Muchende’s arrogance and lack of respect towards our concerns vindicates our desire for Mr Hichilema to come clean on this issue.

Mr Muchende must know that the allegations against him are serious and its not a matter of who is above or below the other, or how the information of his investigation reached us. Our questions to him are simple:

1. Did Mr Muchende receive the US $500,000 bribe or not?

2. Why has ACC placed a restriction order on a property believed to be his?

3. Does he still feel his continued stay in the Office of Solicitor General amidst such serious allegations gives people trust and confidence in our country’s justice system?

4. What relationship does he share with Mr Hichilema?

The ACC has placed a restriction order on the property believed to belong to Mr Muchende over allegations that the Solicitor General received a sum of US$ 500,000 bribe and much more from a named former liquidator.

And we are reliably informed about the frantic attempts from State House to get the restriction order lifted and the investigations into Mr Muchende’s alleged involvement in corruption thwarted or frustrated.

Let Mr Hichilema respond to the following questions we directly raised yesterday:

1. Why is there panic and desperation in State House over Mr Muchende’s investigation?

2. Who is Mr Muchende to Mr Hichilema? What is their relationship?

3. What past business/political or other dealings has Mr Hichilema and Mr Muchende done together?

4. Since there is a traceable history between the two; isn’t Mr Hichilema compromised in this matter?

We maintain that creating networks and schemes to protect and defend Mr Muchende will not work.

Zambians are alert and watching!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


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