Press Statement


On behalf of the Lusaka Province National Democratic Congress, NDC, we wish to stand in solidarity with the Lusaka Mayor Miles Mayor for disciplining unruly investors.

Fellow citizens we are compelled to side with the Mayor because he fully understands the negative impact of discrimination on the grounds of race, tribe, religion and any other form of bias. The Mayor was one hundred percent right to rebuke these unruly Chinese nationals that refused to attend to Zambian clients wishing to cut their hair at their Arcades Barbershop.

Honestly, what wrong did the Mayor do for rebuking these Chinese hair cutters?

Fellow citizens, we want to make it clear that we do not support any unruly investors whether local or foreign that break the law. We also want to make it clear that we are not against Chinese investors. But we strongly condemn those Chinese investors that have a racist mentality. And therefore, we are supporting the Lusaka Mayor for defending the rights and integrity of Zambians.

Fellow citizens, we have noticed with grave concern that Local Government Minister Charles Banda has an inferiority complex. Why is he defending these Chinese barbers that were wrong and attacking his own fellow PF leader who was right? Charles Banda, why?

Is Banda defending the Chinese because of the Jack Ma face masks? Or is Banda protecting the PF regalia that will be donated by these unruly Chinese investors?
We wish to remind Banda and others in the PF, that their first priority is to protect Zambians who are legally right. We also wish to remind Banda and his sympathizers that Zambians and not Chinese will vote in the 2021 Elections.

Finally, we wish to assure Sampa and any other Government official that is doing the correct thing of our support.

Zambians be careful with Banda and his kind. Why is Banda not quick in the same manner to urge the chinese nationals to apologise because they are the architect of the drama? Just because these are his financiers does not mean he should sink so low.

Kennedy Siyanda
Lusaka Province NDC Chairman


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