Solution to kwacha depreciation is for HH to resign -Nawakwi


Solution to kwacha depreciation is for HH to resign -Nawakwi

Former Finance Minister Edith Nawakwi has charged that the kwacha will continue on the same freefall trajectory as long as President Hakainde Hichilema remains in power.

The kwacha is currently buying and selling at K26.48 and K26.99 against $1 dollar as of yesterday.

And economists have warned that the kwacha performance against other major convertible currencies is expected to worsen if right policies are not swiftly put in place to arrest the current freefall experienced in the past months.

And Ms. Nawakwi who is also Forum for Democracy and Development-FDD says the continued deprecation of the Kwacha against major convertible currencies is a clear indication that President Hakainde Hichilema has lamentably failed to sustain the country’s economy.


  1. This madam needs mental help. She is so bitter. By the way what is her party’s manifesto?
    You and lazo FTJ broke the back of the Zambian economy

  2. This kind of shameless hatred is not going anywhere.

    Be useful for once woman. Suggest solutions consistent with your experience as once upon a time minister of finance. Resignation is not a solution, it will never happen – that man has another 8 years to go, most which you will spend behind bars. If you have cases in court, they are not going away. Just grow some balls and face your court issues head-on. HH was not there when you were kidnapping and terrorising innocent citizens.

  3. This woman has a mental problem that make her say the things she says. Her failures make her direct bitterness on HH. If she is not careful enough she risks to end up at Chainama.

  4. Explain how the resignation will drop the dollar.Dollar rate is determined by export
    And Import.We are mostly importing country
    So rate will never come down.

  5. Insults in most cases are a sign of mental disorder and lack of a response to the subject at hand. Insults are often used by children of beer drinking mothers and in some cases women in the habit of having children with different married men. I submit

  6. She is one of those politicians who at the formation of the MMD made people believe that Zambia’s economy would improve when we got rid of UNIP and KK.

    This is 30 years later. May be she can tell us if the economy was in a better shape during her tenure as Minister of Finance.

  7. Yes, the worsening Kwacha to USD exchange rate is pricing commodities out of reach for most citizens and Zambia needs to address this as a matter of urgency!
    Madam Nawakwi however has not elaborated how the resignation of President HH will boost the Kwacha!
    If anything, any major transition at this stage will just worsen the situation!
    In Bemba they say “Ukupesha ilungu kwendamo” meaning let’s allow Banene to run his full 5 year term then he can be judged fairly after his complete term in office.
    One thing we should not forget is the Mess we created in our Mining Sector, our main source of USDs (70%+).
    KCM and Mopani are currently not contributing much towards taxes.
    The current main contributors are FQM and Barrick who were also almost winding up their operations following tax squeeze from the last Administration.
    The question that arises now is what concessions has GRZ put in place for the mining industry? Has this worsened the already fragile revenue situation from the mines?
    The other aspect we should not lose sight of is the Debt Crisis Situation we find ourselves in, especially with the Eurobonds whose owners have rejected the Debt Restructuring proposal so far!
    It’s a crisis time for our country that needs wisdom to manage well!
    Why not call for a National Indaba to get citizen inputs the way wise late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa did?
    Is it big EGOs hindering national dialogue at the moment?
    Nevertheless, the blame about the falling exchange rate will still be blamed on President HH whether he likes it or not! Let him communicate effectively about the situation!
    The escalating cost of living should not be underestimated! It’s political Dynamite!
    At least give some direction and projection of where the Kwacha is expected to be in a year or two to help people to plan than keeping quiet!
    Trouble with President HH and UPND is that you talk when it’s too late! Be proactive and anticipate situations!
    Communication needs attention otherwise the masses will conclude that your lack of effective communication is your acknowledgement of failure to deliver! The next thing is people will start agitating for your early exit!
    Tell the nation what is happening and what you are doing about it in the short to medium term!
    When you continue to global trot when things are not well, people will think you are not serious!
    Stay at home and begin to address issues head-on!
    Things are not okay on the ground!


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