By Miles Sampa


Frustrating situation at Civic centre from the ECZ.

Earlier in the day two Kits or Issuance posts were moved from the Back building to Nakatindu Hall to cater for Women Only.

It has been going well until about now (00:15hrs) when I receieved SOS call that the ECZ of official in the Women Only Issuance point at Nakantindi want to close and knock off go sleep and yet Civic Centre is a 24hrs point.

Drove from home to Nakatindi hall only to find this somewhat rude registration young man, a William Kabwe (in the pic) stating..
” We have bern here long from 12hrs and no one has come to exchange shifst with us. Besides, I was am scheduled to be going to Chipata and was only seconded here on a temperol basis today”.

I asked him if knew how many youths would love to take his job that he not taking seriously.

I asked him why he has not asked his Boss at ECZ for someone to come replace him for the rest of the shift but said his Boss a Ms Chama was not picking her phone. Indeed I tried to call her aswell and phone went un answered.

Everyone one else I have tried to call at ECZ is not picking. Should they not work 24 hrs shift at ECZ now aswell🤔

Anyways kaya whst to do but the over 300 Women scremed inside that they will not allow him and the two girls to close and leave the premises.

Anyone with thd phone number for the ECZ Boss or any senior person there please alert them on our behalf or please ask them to call me.

Some just seem to be trivilising this process. So this boy is more interested in traveling to Chipata early morning and so he has to close and disperse over huge number of women and 3 of them I saw very pregnant.


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