Some lumpens colluding with UPND to destabilise NDC – Imboela


Some lumpens colluding with UPND to destabilise NDC – Imboela

By Isaac Zulu

NDC president Saboi Imboela has charged that some lumpens are colluding with UPND in order to destabilize the party.

Imboela said the UPND is using state institutions to destabilize and destroy the National Democratic Congress party like they are doing with the Patriotic Front.

She said the purported NDC Conference that was held in Kabwe on Sunday has and will never have the blessings of the NDC National Governing Council.

Imboela said that the National Democratic Congress party members that convened in Kabwe with a view to usher in new office bearers were individuals aligned to the ruling party and want to destroy some opposition political parties.

“As I speak to you, they have convened in Kabwe in the disguise of holding a National Governing Council meeting. But they are having a meeting that is only aimed at causing confusions in the NDC and eventually destabilize the party…


  1. How many people joined your party saboi from the time you took over? you are in trouble saboi men runaway plus now party members are running away from me I think very is something wrong with you.By the way how is your boyfriend chishimba kambwili the sugar dada just to hammer you he need a booster .


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