Some people have abandoned me worse in my sickness- Chishimba Kambwili

Chishimba Kambwili

Chishimba Kambwili writes

Some people have abandoned me worse in my sickness.

They showed fake love and friendship when I was able to provide, help them and in position of authority. But for me and my family we pray to God to make them realise that not all days are Sundays.

Let them learn that we need to be friends regardless.

Thanks to those who have remained with me regardless and continue rendering moral and financial support.

God bless you all


  1. The self confessed instigator and promoter of Tribal Hatred Cornelius Mweetwa, who and his UPND were sending Hon Kambwili to insult Tongas so that Zambians can hate ECL there you are… Your accomplice in Tribal Hate is complaining. See him and strategize on which Tribe to insult next.

      • And serve your jail sentence Pantu apa muli pali bond pending hearing of your appeal for hate speech. The people that hired that helicopter to take you round as you spewed hate speech on HH and southern province are enjoying their time in UKWA.

  2. Yowa mouth is yowa worst enemy. No one abandoned you. You ran away from Zambia by yowaselufu, entered a foreign country illegally and were deported. Whose responsibility is that?

  3. Interesting that praise singers no longer refer to Kambwili’s tribal hatred ever since the truth came out about who paid him to do that. That used to be their daily complaint about him.

    These are the double standards I keep preaching about here. If we can get past these biases, we have a chance as a country.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

  4. The TRIBALIST and hate speech giver is now crying. The devil is asking for help, the corrupt fat man is now sick…..
    Time to pay up Mr Fat Kambwili, where is your power today, remember what you were doing…..time to pay…..
    BTW, life will leave you too, kolweh


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