Son of Israel’s war cabinet minister killed in battle in Gaza

Gal Eisenkot's father, Gadi, 63, is a battle-hardened retired general who served as Israel's chief of the general staff from 2015-19

The military in Israel says that the son of a former army chief, Gadi Eisenkot, who is now a minister in the war cabinet, has died in Gaza.

25-year-old Soldier Gal Eisenkot passed away in northern Gaza on Thursday.

Israeli news reports say that MSgt Eisenkot was seriously hurt when a tunnel exploded, and he later died in the hospital.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he and his wife were very sad, and that Gal Eisenkot was a real hero.

In his statement, Mr Netanyahu said: “Our brave soldiers did not die for nothing. We will keep fighting until we win.

Gadi Eisenkot, age 63, is a retired military leader who was in charge of Israel’s military from 2015 to 2019.

A politician from the National Unity party, he is also a member of Mr Netanyahu’s temporary government formed after Hamas attacked Israel on 7 October, causing the death of about 1,200 people and taking about 240 hostages.

Israel has attacked Gaza by dropping bombs from planes and sending soldiers in on the ground. Hamas people in Gaza say they have killed over 17,000 people, mostly regular people, and a lot more are still trapped under collapsed buildings.

Mr Eisenkot found out about his son’s injuries while he was visiting the Israel Defense Forces’ Southern Command, according to local media.

Several Israeli government officials and lawmakers also expressed their sadness and sympathy for the Eisenkot family.

Yair Lapid, the leader of the opposing party, put up a picture of Gal and Gadi Eisenkot wearing military clothes and hugging each other.

This picture This hug is nice. A dad and his son. Both wearing the same clothes. Both soldiers in this country,” Mr Lapid wrote. Mr Lapid wrote that both soldiers in this country. “They both answer the call and come when they are needed, doing whatever is necessary. ” One hug can decide the future of a whole country.

The IDF also said that another soldier, Sgt Maj Jonathan David Deitch, aged 34, was killed in southern Gaza on Thursday.


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