South Africa businessman to testify against Kasanda in cobalt, gold scam case

LUSAKA gold dealer Shadreck Kasanda

UNLIKE the Espionage gold scam case which is being heard in camera at the High Court, the Magistrate’s Court will next month hold a public hearing in which businessman Sederick Kasanda is accused of obtaining about US$1million by false presences in gold related deal.

Yesterday, Kasanda, who is in custody, was supposed to appear before Lusaka Magistrate Kawama Mwamfuli, but he was absent together with his co-accused.

A prosecutor informed the court that the case should be adjourned since the two accused persons were not in court.

The court was informed that in the next sitting, next month, a South African businessman, the complainant in the case, will come and testify in the case.

The matter was consequently adjoruend to January 18, 2024, for trial.

This is in a case 32 year-old Kasanda, Dominic Twinjika, 39, of Salama Park, Treasure Malandala, 34, of Mitengo area, are jointly charged with money laundering and obtaining the money false pretences.

They are also jointly charged with the company, Luwowoshi Mining Limited, over allegations that allegedly happened between November 1, 2020, and December 30, 2020.

Allegations are that Twinjika, with intent to defraud, obtained US$9,045 from Mr Russel. He allegedly got the money under the pretext that it was going to be used for the storage and transportation of cobalt.

It is further alleged that the four accused obtained US$72,160 from Mr Russell by falsely pretending that they had 82kilogrammes gold for sale, when infact not.

In another count, allegations are that the quartet, with intent to deceive, obtained US$16, 000 cash from Mr Russell by falsely pretending that they had 107kilogrammes of gold for sale

It is further alleged that between the suspects obtained US$360,000 from Mr Russell by falsely pretending that it would be paid to Zambia Revenue Authority as a mineral tax clearance certificate for the export of 82kg



  1. Let it also be heard in camera to their satisfaction .Let them smile today ,they are powerful today,time will come that voters will be more powerful than they are; time to gnash teeth, voters to smile, ….time flies..


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