South Africa refutes allegations Iran financed Israel’s ICJ case


South Africa’s Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor said that the ruling ANC party did not get money from Iran to take Israel to court.

During a meeting with reporters on Wednesday, the minister said that Israel and its allies are making accusations in response to being accused themselves. This is similar to what President Cyril Ramaphosa said earlier, that his country might face consequences for taking legal action against Israel.

Last week, the ICJ made a decision in the case, stating that Israel has to do everything it can to stop genocidal actions in Gaza.

The minister said she complained to the International Criminal Court about how slow they were in doing something about South Africa’s request to take action against Israel. This included the delay in issuing an arrest warrant for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ms Pandor also said that all countries must stop giving money and help to Israel’s military in Gaza because it could be supporting genocide.

The minister recommended that South Africa ask other countries from the southern part of the world to help Palestinians with aid, because they have had less help lately.


  1. Ramaphosa and his ANC are corrupt to the core. They have no morality and they think everyone else is a fool. This ICJ case of course was sponsored by IRAN. This is a well known fact in South Africa. The moment they took on this project at ICJ suddenly they had the money to pay companies they owed money and pay salaries to it’s employees. For Ramaphosa this has been a welcome project to distract south Africans from their failures to get people to vote for ANC on the basis of fighting for justice for Palestine. The levels of propaganda going on over this case is unbelievable. They make it look the ICJ had ordered a cease fire. ANC and it’s leaders have no integrity or morals.


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