South African billionaire calls Ramaphosa ‘useless, spineless’, must resign


South African billionaire Rob Hersov has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign, calling him an “absolute embarrassment” who was ‘useless, spineless’ and that his Cabinet is full of “clowns”.

Hersov who was speaking at the BizNews Conference this week and admitted that everytime he spoke out at conferences like this, he lost he lost friends, contacts and a lot of money.

“So I don’t know why I’m doing this, and if you see that sort of sniper red light flickering in the room, duck because it’s after me, okay, it’s not after you,” Hersov joked.

“So I’m just going to start by saying Ramaphosa is a disgrace. He is a disappointment. He is an absolute embarrassment to this country and he should immediately resign.

“But I started with a little bit more, that I absolutely am going to tell you why that man (Ramaphosa) is a useless, spineless failure.

“And it’s a bit of an embarrassment that the speaker opened the introduction of me by saying that, you know, our family gave Ramaphosa the chance to step up.

“So if I’m to blame, I apologise to all of South Africa, all of Africa and the world for such a disgrace being the president of our country,” said Hersov.

He pierced through Ramaphosa’s Cabinet of 27 ministers, and pointed out that each minister has a DG.

“And look, when I flicked down very quickly the ages of these corrupt clowns, criminals … Other than one or two, most of the ministers are my age and a lot of them are older. All of them are incompetent.

“They have been moved from ministerial posts to ministerial posts without any skills. And not a single one of these people has ever been in business, so they don’t know how to run organisations.

“They don’t worry about the bottom line, they just worry about what they are getting out of it. This clown Cabinet runs the country. It’s disgusting, it makes me angry when I look at some of these people,” he said.

“There is some good there but there’s a lot of bad and a lot of evil. And I’ve got to say that if you put Police Minister Bheki Cele at the top of the evil list, he’d be number one, two and three; what a disaster, what a useless piece of … I’ll stop right there.

“So these useless people are running our country and these useless people are going to get voted in in 2024 unless the coalition get their act together. And unless the 55% of the population who didn’t vote, get out and vote.

“About 55% of our voting population did not vote. We need all of you to get up, donate and vote for the opposition,” said Hersov.

“Enough is enough. I said last year that South Africa is not investable from a foreign direct investment standpoint. Why would a foreigner put a cent into this country? You’ve got BEE theft, you’ve got EWC theft.

“You’ve got an incompetent Cabinet of clowns, you’ve got over-regulation, and you’ve got elites raping and pillaging this country, and a disorganised opposition at the moment but coming together, why would anyone invest in this country?” asked Hersov.

Hersov is a South African entrepreneur and private investor who has founded and owns a number of companies in the media, sport and finance sectors.


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