South African singer Makhadzi seeks help after deleted suicide post

outh African musician Makhadzi (Pictures via Instagram- @makhadzisa )

South African music star Makhadzi has reportedly sought help from medical professionals after a now deleted weekend post in which she seemed to suggest she wanted to commit suicide.

The singer sent shock waves on social media when she posted that she was about to end her life.

“I am now ending my life for good. RIP to myself. Please don’t call me no one will answer,” she posted on Facebook.

As the post gained traction, many began to worry about the performer’s mental health, wondering if she could be suicidal.

Makhadzi’s manager, Lucky Tshilimandila, told ZiMoja that the singer had sought help after the post.

“She has been busy all year long, and it’s a matter of fatigue and just needing rest.

“Right now she is getting some rest. She is in contact with a medical specialist and is taking things easy,” her manager said.

Tshilimanda said the singer would be back on stage after taking some rest.

“She is a hardworking perfectionist who doesn’t like to disappoint her fans. But she is okay, taking a day or two off and just resting and putting her mental wellness first,” her manager added.


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