South African singer Zahara in ICU… as family struggles with hospital bills

South African singer Zahara. (Picture via Twitter @ZaharaSA)

South African songbird Zahara (real name Bulelwa Mkutukana) is reportedly battling for her life at a private hospital in Johannesburg, with her close family struggling to come to grips with a liver ailment that has stretched their resources and left them begging for help from her music industry peers.

According to Zimoja, Zahara’s condition deteriorated after a week in which she was admitted in the medical ward of a Johannesburg North hospital, leading to her transfer to the ICU.

Complicating her stay in hospital is the fact that the Loliwe hitmaker is reportedly not under comprehensive medical aid, which has meant that she has not done certain tests that are crucial to determining the extent of her ailment.

A close relative of Zahara who spoke to Zimoja said they were in the process of trying to solicit help from Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Nciza, who reportedly took care of the singer during the infancy of her career. Zahara was initially discovered and signed by businessman TK Nciza, Nhlanhla’s ex-husband.

“We hear that she (Nhlanhla) is aware that Zahara is battling with her health and she needs to do some tests. We are trying to get her to assist her financially because when TK took her to Joburg to record in 2010, Zahara stayed with them at their home for over a year.

“As a mother, Nhlanhla will understand the situation that Zahara is in because she is the one who taught her about the hustle and bustle of the fast life of Joburg. They became so close that Zahara would tell us that Nhlanhla treated her like her daughter,” the source said.

The relative said they were now pinning their hopes on Nciza, who could help prolong the troubled singer’s life.

“This is the time when her former boss, TK Nciza should come to her rescue. He is the one who discovered her when she was still a busker in the streets and at pubs. TK is a politician and should show ubuntu by helping this girl with her hospital bills,” the source said.

Another source that spoke to Zimoja urged Nciza and others to help Zahara before it was too late.

“Do they want Zahara to die so that they can also claim they loved her? The sad thing is that Zahara’s fiance is doing his best to save her. But the family needs money because the tests she is doing run into thousands of rands.”

When called for comment, Zahara’s manager Oyama Dyobisa refused to address the matter, saying he needed to be told who the sources of the article were.

“Then go ask your sources for the comment,”he reportedly said.

Zahara’s family meanwhile has issued a statement via her X account;


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