South Artists Unleashing Song On Empty Promises, Greediness ‘bacikwangala’



SOUTHERN Artists, Kadas and Black Mark, have teamed up to unleash a new song describing the challenges of being starving members of a successful family being subjected to neglect and poverty.

In the song, titled ‘Bacikwangala,’ the duo cry out to a father figure, complaining that the guardians that he tasked with taking care of them have become self centered and greedy.

In the first verse of the song, Kadas narrates that members of the family have been crying out to their guardians for help, but have only received empty promises and are at times ignored.

In the song, the singer is regretful for discussing family business in public, however saying the level of starvation has forced him voice out his concerns.

In the second verse, Black Mark cautions the head of the family not to believe the reports that he has been receiving from his subordinates, emphasizing to him that his family is starving.

He reminds his father of the sacrifices that his children made to make the family successful, warning him that further neglect may make some of his children become delinquents.

Bacikwangala is the Tonga name for crow, which is an omnivores bird that enjoys meat and may even attack and kill young, weak animals.

In Zambian Bemba language, it is popularly known as a ‘mwankole’.

Credit:Byta Fm


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