Spanish FA deny that president,Luis Rubiales ‘used their money to host orgies with 8-10 young girls’


The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has denied claims that president Luis Rubiales has used their money to host orgies.

Spanish outlet El Mundo reported that Rubiales has been accused of hosting private parties in which he would ‘invite eight to ten young girls’ to a chalet in the region of Granada.

The claims are said to have been made by Juan Rubiales, the uncle and former chief of staff of the RFEF president.

It’s said the parties would be expensed under the pretence of a work event, at which the closest members of his team were present.

El Mundo’s report also contains further statements from Juan Rubiales to the country’s anti-corruption department, in which he also accuses his nephew of trying to extract money from the RFEF and use his influence to contract private investigators via a business contracted to the federation.

But the RFEF have released a statement on Thursday which ‘laments and categorically denies’ the accusations that have been made, saying they were made by a former employee ‘motivated by spite’.

Their statement reads: ‘The RFEF deeply regrets and categorically denies the statements made by the former chief of staff of the presidency in the Prosecutor’s Office last April.

‘The full intervention of Juan Rubiales that is reported today by the newspaper El Mundo is once again a new exercise in falsehoods and manipulation by a former federative employee motivated by spite, as well as by his demonstrated alliances and recognized by those who seek a constant deterioration of the image of the president of the RFEF.

‘El Mundo focuses the story on a new maneuver by Juan Rubiales who once again accuses RFEF employees of irregular and inappropriate behavior at a work meeting with other department directors at which he was present.

‘The former chief of staff refers to a coexistence of planning and organization of federative executives in the town of Salobrena (in Granada) in which the accommodation was entirely paid by each attendee, including Juan Rubiales. Neither the employees nor the RFEF incurred in any irregularity.

‘Despite the seriousness of the alleged facts, Juan Rubiales has not provided a single piece of evidence either in the Prosecutor’s Office or in court to support his accusations.

‘Neither on that date nor on any other was a single euro dedicated to issues that are not specific to the federative activity. This is one more step in the infamous campaign that the president has been suffering in recent months.’

Amongst the statements that Juan made, he accused his nephew of hiring private investigators to follow head of the Spanish Players’ Association David Aganzo, and telling him that he needed to ‘find a way of getting money out of the Federation.’

The investigators said to be following Aganzo, a political rival, were paid for by a law firm contracted by the RFEF.


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