SENIOR Chief Mukuni is warning the ruling PF that they can’t defy the force of gravity and should they continue with their illegal schemes, “the law will catch up with these particular individuals at a certain point”.

He says at that point none of their giant armoured vehicles with huge guns, teargas and water cannons will save them.

In a statement yesterday alleging that the PF pre-voting rigging is actively under way, Mukuni said impunity and arrogance was not infinite and eternal.

He demanded that the Electoral Commission of Zambia, the PF and the Ministry of Home Affairs allow for a credible, transparent and comprehensive review of the current electoral process for the sake of peace “for the motherland and the future of the children of Zambia”.

“I am not only issuing out this statement as a traditional leader, but also as an ordinary citizen who is increasingly becoming troubled and concerned by the dangerous path in which the PF are attempting to take this great country to,” Mukuni stated. “In the human body, the heart is the most important organ because of its critical role as a mover of fluids including blood to the rest of the body. Immediately the heart is interrupted or ceases to carry out this prime function, the body becomes cold and eventually dies. This is precisely what judge Esau Chulu, Emily Sikazwe and Kryticous Nshindano of ECZ, home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo and PF secretary general Davies Mwila, are trying to hijack a process in Zambia that is the heartbeat of public affairs, national consensus and peace.”

He stated that disturbing the electoral process with all kind of caveats and tricks in order to disrupt the constitutional flow of democracy, “and thereby rob certain sections of citizens their right to democratically choose their leaders uninterrupted, is a sure recipe for mayhem for our country”.

“Zambians must be spared of this impending chaos being engineered by the ECZ, home affairs and the PF,” Mukuni urged. “It’s in the public domain and evidence abound that phase two of the issuance of NRCs for Copperbelt, Lusaka, Western and Southern provinces are in an absolute chaos, that has been deliberately instigated by the PF. People in these regions are enduring all manner of hurdles deliberately laid by issuing officers under the behest of District Commissioners.”

He stated that there were credible and verifiable reports of district commissioners instructing officers to randomly abandon publicised locations for unknown areas, thereby confusing the people.

“Where NRCs have been issued, such important details of origin of applicant such as Village, Chief or District are deliberately omitted, so that the NRC is invalid for the ultimate purpose of voter registration,” Mukuni stated. “This exercise proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the next stage of voter registration will be earmarked for more well calculated stumbling blocks by the ECZ, to ensure that as many people as possible are disenfranchised. This whole electoral process is a sham, fraudulent, lacks credibility and do not meet the standards of an election that will galvanise consensus, integrity and eminence.”

He asked the ECZ to maintain the old voters’ register, “which the PF have in the past found no problem with, in their insatiable appetite for by-elections which they have been so proud of”.

“Further, the PF must instruct their violent cadres to cease interfering in the issuance of the NRCs at designated locations, and the Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo must desist from sending his agents to issue contrary and illegal instructions to issuing officers on the ground,” Mukuni stated. “It is for the good of the current government that this exercise is carried out smoothly because should they continue with their illegal schemes, the law will catch up with these particular individuals at a certain point, and none of their giant armoured vehicles with huge guns, teargas and water cannons will save them. We have seen it happen all around the continent, that impunity and arrogance is not infinite and eternal. ‘Chatakamana chaka yoosya’. You can’t defy the force of gravity. Even Satan’s hell is below and not above.”


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