…President Lungu doesn’t take offense if criticized…

ZAMBIAN Rapper and Music producer Mark Mulaza Kaira popularly known as Macky 2 has called on young people to speak up and participate in politics.

Macky 2 says PF party was founded on the principles of offering checks and balances to the government of the day.

Mr Kaira who expressed solidarity with B~Flow urged every young people to take advantage of the freedom of speech at their disposal to speak out and assured them of his support provided they spoke the accurate information devoid of insults.

He says President Lungu would never take offense if criticized because PF is a party built on the principle of self criticism.

Below is a full verbatim of his live stream

“I am careful with what I let come out of my mouth so that I dont come back and apologize for it after some time.

Its important to educate yourself about something before you start talking about it (Waikopa Ilya style)

I am an artist and I understand that I have a huge platform and that there so many people who look upto me and listen to my music.

So I understand the influence and power that I have

And they say with great power comes responsibility, you know

A lot of time people have said things like music and politics should never be mixed if you are an artist don’t engage yourself in politics, ifikasansa fyachalo

But you see I live in a country where even the price of tomato at the market is determined by the decision a politician makes

even just the crime rate in the neighborhood is determined by the decision a politician make, transport fyonse fye ifyo mulemona is determined by the decision which a politician make. it makes no sense that you are not involved. it makes not sense that me a Zambia, because I am Zambian first before this music think, before being a affiliated to any religious affiliation am a Zambian first, and as a Zambian I am entitled to have a say on what happens in our country especially about decisions which politicians make. All Zambians we are entitled to have a say. this is not even an issue of whether we have the freed of speech or not we do have freedom of speech if anyone tells you otherwise ninshi uyo tatontokanya bwino. you know what I mean we have freedom of speech and that’s like our right and we know our rights. Zambia is a young nation. 4.8 million people are between the age of 15 and 35.

A lot of people, alot of older people like saying Children are the future leaders or imiti ikula empanga but really for this country Zambia our time is now now is the time that young people need to be involved in politics

And its fan because Michael Chilufya Sata who founded the PF party which governing the country right now is someone that I religiously looked up to, someone who inspired me in so many ways at some point I used to call myself, Michael Chilufya junior because I adored him, he was like a mentor to me you know that sort of thing.

The whole party “PF” was founded on those principals on that guy being able to question everything that the then government was doing.

And that guy was known for being such a great opposition leader who provided checks and balances on government

kwaleba iya kweba ati even those things Mwanawasa is praised all those things were as a result of Sata putting pressure on Mwanawasa

if you are a good leader you need to be a servant, you need to be someone who listens to the people when they speak.

I am someone who really voted for the PF, most of you guys voted for PF, intact at some point after mapenda ama elections kwasabafye ati aya ayasheleko ama vote no Rupiah awine ayasheleko still more Sata is going to win.

Alot of people voted for PF I was one of those

I voted for PF and I stood behind Sata because I believed in his ideas and what he was saying like so many of you.

So I believe PF was built on those Principals. like its suprising… I wouldn’t even believe it if you told me that the president (Edgar Lungu) doesn’t take criticism. I think he is someone who wouldn’t take offense when he is being criticized you know what I mean. You dont learn anything from a compliment.

I will not dwell much on that, or spend the whole night talking about freedom of speech (because) we have freedom of speech. we will not be threatened because we …I just told you the number 4.8 million Zambians are young people like us. So we will use our voice and speak up.

We will not be intimidated or scared we will use our voice and speak up.

All I urge our young people out there is make sure even as you speak up you are respectful not uletukana insele ati shani shani ati just because I am saying the truth. And also make sure that the information that you have is accurate.

our reading culture in Zambia is really bad nolofye nine wine ama book Oyo nabelengapo tayakwana nangu twenty especially now am really trying to get into a reading culture trying to educate my self with certain things

there a number of things that I had to read about like the bill 10. when everyone was talking about the bill 10 I didn’t know what that was but I knew it was important and this is something that I need to educate myself about, you know what I mean.

So I took it upon myself to educate myself and do the research

So even when people are talking about this Gold here and ZCCM…read about it so that even as we have these discussions you are talking with facts you know what I mean.

To all my young people out there this is the time that you have to get involved in politics, in the nation’s affairs, chalo chesu ichi 3quarters of the people that are in government wont be there nga pampita 10 years or so nemwebo mukabapo betterfye twashala nechalo ichituntulu.

I am proud of those people who stand firmly as long as you do it rightly as long as you are not breaking the law while you are doing it. I applaud you for standing up and for your bravery

one more time I stand with my brother B~Flow I have watched that video a couple number of time and I dont think you said anything wrong

I stand with B Flow with everyone who is standing up for our country

Lastly for everyone who feels they have a platform for everybody who feels they influence the people who follow them this is the time to speak out and speak up just make sure you to it rightly, just make sure you the information you have is accurate and you are not insulting people

This is the time to speak up, don’t even doubt it that you don’t have the freedom of speech”


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