Speaker Nelly Mutti Will One Day Be Jailed- Sangwa

John Sangwa


CONSTITUTIONAL lawyer John Sangwa says Speaker of National Assembly Nelly Mutti is in breach of the Constitution for effecting changes with regards to Chief Parliamentary Whip and Leader of the Opposition.

Sangwa says Nelly Mutti is a sure candidate of Jail looking at how she has breached the Constitution of Zambia and, abused her powers and authority. He has condemned the warning against MPs by Mutti.

And Sangwa has warned that President Hakainde Hichilema will be made answerable for refusing to move to State House and deciding to make public money to be spent on transporting him to and from State House.

However, commenting on the ongoing leadership wrangles in PF, Sangwa says the Speaker as well as the Registrar of Societies are all going to have difficulties when UPND government leaves office because they are aiding criminality.

Meanwhile, Sangwa says he still rates Hakainde Hichilema a failure for failing to honor campaign promises and making Zambia’s econom


  1. In your dream Sir, why are you so biased as not to talk about those who have been breaching parliamentary procedures and regulations?

    At one point I regarded you as a man of integrity at law, not anymore, not until you followed the Kambwili school of flip flopping. At the rate you are going, you may join the group I call STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. Sangwa should rewrite ziale, toward 2021 general this supposedly learned SC lawyer was on the tv telling us ECL was not eligible and now 2 years down the line his on the tv again telling ECL is eligible. The laws in Zambia change its just which side you are standing.

  3. Our constitution has lacunas. It was written(or copid, pasted and edited) a long time ago. Let parliamentarians be objective and neither be subjective nor categorical.

  4. Sangwa does not believe wht he is saying he is just bluffing. Ask Sangwa to mention just one lawyer who has ever been been jailed in Zambia. Not even known criminals tht stole money from widows. To the uninitiated lawyers can never see jail in Zambia. To the wishful haters keep on dreaming.

  5. Sangwa is a renowned lawyer in the country and beyond but he is ruining his reputation by his inconsistencies, he can say one thing today and say another tomorrow on the same subject. Yesterday he was saying Lungu is not eligible to stand, today he is saying Lungu is eligible, we cannot be surprised if we hear that he is now supporting Bill No.10 and he wants it back. HH and UPND still have three more years to go and as things get better, you will hear him again changing, how do you trust such a person? Now he is talking about the Speaker being arrested one day for breaching the constitution, since Independence, which speaker have you ever heard being arrested? Will she be the first one? What has Nelly Muti done which other Speakers before her have never done? The same with the Registrar of Societies, is he/she to blame for PF’s internal wrangles? If you found your wife booked in a hotel with another man, you are supposed to blame your wife and her adulterous man, you can’t blame the hotel Manager and the Receptionist. Their duty is to receive clients and get money, they are in business, therefore it is not their duty to scrutinize the clients who come to their hotel.

    If we do a bit of a rewind, in 2016 General Elections when Justice Chulu announced fake results and fake constituencies like Chitulika, people asked him why he was doing that, in simple words he said; his job was to announce the results that he was given to announce and not there to question or scrutinize the names or those results. To some extend he was right because it were the people giving him wrong results who were wrong and not him. So using Justice Chulu’s answer or logic, the Registrar of Societies should not be blamed because what matters to his/her office are names regardless of the person or the party that submits them. In turn, the Speaker is notified and she also acknowledges and acts accordingly. In such a case, what is there to warrant the Speaker’s arrest either now or in future? Lungu, the one Sangwa is supporting now, did the same with his group, when they came back from Kabwe where he was illegally and unconstitutionally elected, he submitted the names of his office bearers including his, to the same office of the Registrar of Societies and the names were accepted. I am sure it is the same list of names which Sampa has just supplanted now. Did anyone call for the Registrar’s arrest or resignation that time? What has changed, has the Constitution been amended? So the question is, where was Sangwa that time? You see where his inconsistencies come in.

    So both the Registrar of Societies and the Speaker are innocent, bantu bakayele. The precedent was already set by Lungu himself and should not blame anyone for his own creation. If the two factions want to resolve their problem, let them sit together and agree on the names to submit to the Registrar of Societies, I am sure he will gladly accept them and remove Sampa’s list. Equally the Speaker will accept and acknowledge them, then rescind her earlier announcement. Simple.


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