By Chileshe Mwango

Political Analyst Eustone Chiputa has advised opposition political parties that make up the newly formed “Peoples’ Movement” to ensure the presidential candidate to be picked in the 2026 elections is democratically elected.

Some opposition political parties that include the Patriotic Front, Citizens First, National Democratic Congress, Golden Party of Zambia, New Heritage Party and the United Liberal Party have announced the formation of the “People’s Movement” which will culminate into a political party alliance ahead of the 2026 general elections.

Reacting to this development in an interview with Phoenix News, Dr. Chiputa who has welcomed the formation of the movement says filing in a democratically elected candidate in the 2026 elections will boost the confidence of its members.

Dr. Chiputa has reminded the movement that people want to see democracy thrive hence the need for them to ensure that is adhered to.

Meanwhile, Governance Expert Wesley Miyanda says it will be a waste of time if the movement does not last to the 2026 elections as has been the case in the past where political party alliances failed to endure up to election time.


  1. There are no parties here except each individual present was being followed by own two buttocks as supporters. How then can they be a formidable something? STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. The only legitimate and credible political party in Zambia besides UPND is Mikes Sampa’s Patriotic Front. All these others are just like a bunch of lone hyenas looking for a carcass to devour.
    We are not that carcass. Go to South Luangwa National Park.

  3. It is important for the opposition to draw lessons from the formation of MMD in the early 90s and how it went to form government. Indeed the single opposition party arising out of a people’s movement should be more democratic than the autocratic UPND.

  4. Quantity all by it’s self is a very deceptive measure of quality. Something to think about.

    Here this foundation will be tested as regards, servitude, integrity, trustworthiness and accountability. That’s what makes and births quality leadership.

    A walk down memory lane will reveal how strong some ofn these foundation are. Character formation is a process that takes a long time to form. To change it is a task beyond human effort alone especially when certain mindset positions have been preset to unaccountability and lack of integrity.

    Therefore If this whole idea and purpose is to remove one single man, then the message communicated loudly is that this one man has become a strong hold all by himself, in their eyes. To many he may have become a servant. A new broom to clean the hidden corners where trash was stored.

    What happened to solutions and open conversations with us the voters so we are convicted of the alternative?

    Something is wrong with this picture. We the voters have become wiser than politicians take us to be. The answer is what will you do differently, in the face of the current mess we are in.

    If you can not answer this question honestly and precisely. Then it is wiser to continue with a solution that might work than no solution at all. Totally Unacceptable.

    All political opponents are welcome to participate so long as we the voters win. No more will we be lied to or cheated. History speaks for its self. Some people can not be trusted. They can’t get their hands off the piggy bank of Zambia hence if allowed will completely destroy the only country we have. Here trust me we are the greatest opposition. The main problem is bad character behavior. This nonsense won’t be allowed ever. We have locked the door and thrown away the key. Done and dusted. Integrity and trustworthiness is all we the voters want.

    It is a true saying a leopard can not change its spots nor is it possible to leave a hyena with the responsibility of looking after sheep or cattle. Therefore wisdom is needed if prudence is to be preserved.

    Action speaks louder than words and by their fruits you will know them. Let’s watch and pray.

    • Well said Mate!
      And quote and riterate from ” integrity, trustworthiness and accountability” Are these characteristic that we want from leaders and first litmus test first. Those paroting change need to look at themselves first. Do they have these characteristics? If not then they dont have the right to even speak. The bible says “before you point the speck in your friend’s eye, take the LARGE LOG out of your own eye”

      Ms. Miti rightly pointed out that Mr. Lungu (former President) was asked what solution he had for the economic malaise that the country is experiencing. He laughed or scoffed at the question and pointed at the “VERY” person he was suggesting should be removed. Was he suggesting that HH has the solution? If so why is calling for elections and a change of government?
      Rather ironic and hypocritical is that what we want in a leader?


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