Standing Strong: The Virtual Red Card Campaign – Uniting Zambians for Change- Dr Mwelwa


Standing Strong: The Virtual Red Card Campaign – Uniting Zambians for Change

By Dr Mwelwa

In the face of growing discontent and disillusionment with the current UPND government in Zambia, questions arise about how the population should respond to what is perceived as dictatorial tendencies from President Hakainde Hichilema and his party. Recent events, such as the arrests of opposition leaders and the economic struggles faced by the country, have raised concerns about the government’s abuse of power and suppression of democratic freedoms.

There is strong criticism against the government, arguing that their actions could be a calculated move to provoke public unrest and provide a justification for declaring a state of emergency. Some believe that President Hichilema and the UPND are intentionally arresting opposition leaders to provoke citizens into reacting or protesting, in order to tighten their grip on authority. Recognizing that they may face challenges in the upcoming 2026 elections, they may seek to exploit any resulting public chaos to maintain their power.

However, it is crucial for Zambians to exercise caution and remain calm in the face of such provocations. While frustrations may be high and grievances may run deep, resorting to public protests may inadvertently play into the government’s hands. Granting President Hichilema enhanced powers through the invocation of a state of emergency would jeopardize civil liberties, including freedom of movement, assembly, and expression. It could also lead to media censorship, detention without trial, and limited individual rights.

Therefore, it is vital for Zambians to understand that the most effective way to seek change is through peaceful and lawful means. Instead of taking to the streets in protest, they must channel their frustration into mobilizing support, raising awareness, and engaging in the democratic process. By remaining united and using the power of the ballot box as their platform, Zambians can send a powerful and legitimate message to the government.

It is imperative to remember that democracy is a powerful tool in challenging the actions of a potentially dictatorial regime. By actively participating in elections and voting for leaders who prioritize the interests of the people, Zambians can safeguard their rights and ensure their grievances are effectively addressed. Through peaceful mobilization and engagement within the democratic process, they can hold the government accountable and work towards a brighter future for their country.

In conclusion, it is essential for Zambians to exercise restraint and avoid public protests that could potentially result in the invocation of the state of emergency law. Instead, they can utilize their democratic rights to engage in the electoral process and bring about meaningful change. By remaining united, vigilant, and committed to upholding democratic values, Zambians can navigate these challenging times while safeguarding their freedoms and aspirations for a better future.

Moreover, instead of physical public protests, Zambians can make use of virtual online platforms to express their displeasure. By flooding the internet space with a single image of a red photo, devoid of confrontational language or actions, they can symbolize their discontent. The visual representation of a red card as a sign of displeasure can create a unified voice and garner attention without resorting to violence or unrest.

Let this red photo become a powerful symbol of unity and defiance against any oppressive tendencies. Let it serve as a reminder to those in power that the people of Zambia are watching, engaged, and prepared to hold them accountable. By staying calm, committed, and finding creative ways to express themselves, Zambians can overcome these challenging times and work towards a future where their voices are heard and their rights are respected.

Zambians, your strength lies in your ability to peacefully mobilize and engage within the democratic process. Only through unity and strategic action can you effect real change and ensure that your aspirations for a just and prosperous nation are realized. Stay calm, stay strong, and let your actions be guided by the principles of democracy and peace.

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  1. His not arresting opposition, hisarresting law breakers, thieves. So in Zambia if you are a politician in opposition and a law breaker no one should arrest you. If they do then its politucal oppression, bullshit people!!! Lock up the criminals. And even their sympathisers should be locked up too for polluting the environment with rubbish.

  2. Bola ni 90 minutes!
    Allow UPND to do their full term. We’ll judge them in 2026.
    If they don’t pull up their socks and if they continue telling lies, we’ll not vote PF but another party other than UPND and PF!


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