Hon Obvious Mwaliteta
Hon Obvious Mwaliteta


THE Lusaka High Court has entered a consent judgment awarding UPND Lusaka Province Chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta and James Sichomba K900,000 each as compensation for wrongful prosecution.

In 2019, Mr. Mwaliteta and Mr. Sichomba were arrested for the possession of unlawful weapons and were later acquitted by the court.

(Source: Diamond TV)


  1. Finally some compensation for Mwaliteta. He suffered incarceration because of Mumbi Phiri’s lies. After losing power, PF senior members tried hard to alienate Mwaliteta by saying the UPND had not recognised him with a position in govt. He was humble enough to rebuff any such manoeuvres. Shame on PF!And they think we can vote for them again? Even if mealie meal cost K500 per 25kg bag we can never vote back into power those mafia hooligans again. Shaaa!

  2. When will non UPND members, ordinary citizens, get their compensation? Like Mumbi Phiri or John Mulenga, or Yotham Banda?

    One would think only UPND members have been detained since independence.

    Hakainde has no shame at all.

    Looting season is indeed in full swing.

  3. Compensation goes to people who were abused by PF, who were wrongly arrested like Mwaliteta who languished in Chimbokaila for one year. People like MP implicated themselves and the state was simply following up the information which they voluntarily gave. CK also implicated Bowman Lusambo on the Luanshya death of someone. People were really terrorized under PF and instead of blaming themselves, they are blaming UPND. Those who are still alive are very luck guys, otherwise chances of dying in prison from a disease or poisoning were very high. Go and ask Dr Magwende, the same Mwaliteta or HH, they will tell you about the horrible stories of what was happening there. Things were really bad that time, you could even smell death unlike this time when people are competing to be jailed because they know that they are very safe both inside and outside prison.


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