State has closed its case in the matter late Kitwe businessman Chile One’s widow is charged with murder for his death


State closes case Chile One’s widow

The State has closed its case in the matter late Kitwe businessman Richard Mbulu’s widow Annie Monta is charged with murder for his death.

State advocate Sarah Mvula indicated to Kitwe High Court Judge Evaristo Pengele on Tuesday after the arresting officer Emmanuel Changwe concluded his testimony. Monta has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Mbulu, alias Chile One, on April 30, 2022.

When the matter came up before Kitwe High Court Judge Evaristo Pengele, defence lawyer Noel Simwanza asked for his team to be given at least three weeks to file submissions on no case to answer for their client while the prosecution asked for two weeks to respond to the defence.

Justice Pengele urged the defence to file their written submissions by February 28 and the prosecution by March 15.

He adjourned the matter for ruling on case or no case to answer on a date to be communicated to both parties.

Earlier, Changwe identified an Infinix phone, which is said to have belonged to Chile One, as the gadget that contained a message written “I have shot him” and sent to an iPhone belonging to the alleged businessman’s girlfriend, Muhoga Nangungu.

Mr Changwe also identified Monta as the person he arrested and charged with murder following Chile One’s death. He said during the course of his investigations, he learnt that Chile One had two wives before he married Monta, according to information provided by Chile One’s brother, Stanslous.

In cross-examination by defence lawyer Paul Chavula, Mr Changwe said Monta was not the owner of the phone that generated the message which read, “I have shot him.”

Mr Changwe also told the court that he did not conduct any forensic investigations to prove that the said message indeed came from the accused person nor did he retrieve any footage to show Chile One’s brother entering or exiting his brother’s house.

He also said he does not remember Monta’s sister, Pamela, telling him that she heard the late yelling at his wife and calling her family and friends as prostitutes.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail



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