Fred M'membe


The amount of systemic corruption and plunder of state funds that is being facilitated by State House is terrifying and confirms the sad reality that this presidency is a terrible burden to our society.

And we want to caution the citizens not cheat themselves into believing that they have a decent and corrupt free leadership, because the truth and the reality currently, is that most of the bribery, embezzlement, illicit enrichment, trading influence and all manner of abuses and white- collar financial and economic crimes that we are witnessing are engineered by State House.

All the powerful dirty deals we are seeing, hearing and reading about in the media are the brainchild of State House. These deals are marinated, cooked and served within the presidency. In short, the presidency is the command post of grand corruption and looting of public resources.

The careless manner in which this presidency is using identifiable senior State House aides to circumvent lawful procedures and auction off both the economic and political power to the highest bidder, their friends and business associates is not difficult to grasp, digest and understand.

Under this presidency, procurement procedures and regulations have been totally paralyzed and they are going about their daily business with impunity, and without any oversight or regard for the moral, political and economic effects of their actions.

They’re a deprived bunch who are distorting and eroding public trust and confidence in state institutions as well as damaging policy integrity.

With the presidency organizing and perpetuating this cancerous culture of corruption, it is wishful thinking to expect this regime to wage a relentless campaign against corruption and succeed or turn around the economy and improve the livelihoods of ordinary citizens.

These are incorrigible liars, manipulators and fraudsters who have no interest whatsoever in the welfare of ordinary citizens.

Therefore, expecting this presidency to deliver on its mission is the same as cooking and eating from a pot, which is boiling on fire; one can only end up getting burnt or with a very hot but empty pot with nothing to dish out. They are jokers. They think they can stabilize, maintain and grow the economy whilst mercilessly looting the treasury. What logic is this?

This presidency is extremely dirty and is at the center of almost all grand corruption and financial and economic crimes currently happening in the country.

But things can’t continue in this way. This regime and Mr Hakainde Hichilema in particular must come clean on these matters and stop blaming those before him for the same corrupt practices he is tolerating in his own office and government.

It’s just a matter of time before everything comes to the fore.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. The problem with him is that he doesn’t listen and he doesn’t want to listen. Corrupt people and corruption cases are reported to relevant authorities and not social media. ACC, DEC, Police will be very happy to hear more from you, please see them.

    • Koma ba Citizen, you yourself a whole grown person, a grand father even, believes we have no corruption in Zambia?

      How many people have been jailed by that fast track court your messiah created ? Not even one.

      Your small god will not fight corruption because….anyway, only he knows himself.

  2. Two things, 1. fast track court cannot jail anyone out social media stories. 2. I don’t have a god wether small or big here on earth, I only have the almighty God who lives in heaven on high.

    • It seems Indigo Tyrol view president HH as a god and wants to project his view of president HH on president’s supporters because he has been saying this for a while a now but non of the UPND supporters has ever viewed president HH as a god. All supporters of president HH know that he is just human is bound to make mistakes just like any another human being and currently he is the best option available to lead Zambia but of course others will also come and may be do a better or worse job than him after he leaves office, only time will tell.


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