State House Criticizes Edgar Lungu’s ‘tavern Mentality’ of ‘mpeleniko tubili nalelo kalipila mailo’ Approach To Governance


STATE House Chief Communications Specialist, Clayson Hamasaka, has condemned former President Edgar Lungu’s advice to the current government as suggestive of a ‘tavern mentality’ of ‘mpeleniko tubili nalelo kalipila mailo’.

Yesterday, Mr Lungu, alongside other opposition leaders held a press briefing urging government to move on and find solutions instead of dwelling on the mistakes of the previous regime.

But Mr Hamasaka said it is time for Mr Lungu to display honesty, maturity, and accountability, rather than advocating for the government to ignore outstanding debts and simply ‘move on.’

He accused Lungu of reflecting a reckless leadership mentality, likening it to the expression, ‘mpeleniko tubili nalelo kalipila mailo,’ which translates to ‘just give me two, I will pay tomorrow.’

“What Mr Lungu is advising the current government is to just ignore all those nkongoles by not paying the people owed and just ‘move on’. From this reckless statement of just ‘move on’, one can see the typical PF mentality leadership in government. It was like “bane kabiyeni musende fye inkongole fikaisova. We shall just ignore the debts.

Edgar Lungu’s reasoning is a typical tavern mentality of ‘mpeleniko tubili nalelo kalipila mailo’. And when tomorrow comes ‘ati ibaleniko fye naiwe’, just move on,” he said.

Mr Hamasaka said such an approach dismisses the gravity of the country’s economic challenges.

The Communications Specialist criticised Mr Lungu for downplaying the consequences of the previous administration’s actions, particularly the alleged criminally contracted debts that have hindered economic development.

Mr Hamasaka said there is need for honest questions about who is responsible for the current state of the country.

He also highlighted the financial challenges faced by the United Party for National Development administration due to the alleged reckless borrowing by Mr Lungu and the PF.



  1. The problem here is NATO, No Action Talking Only. These idiots committed serious offences against the state and the Zambian people, why are they still roaming the streets and misleading the gullible ones?

    Shilya indoshi shifwile ukuba mu jail. Period. Lungu is not immuned from investigations that can lead to lifting his immunity against prosecution and longer jail terms. Up to today, you haven’t told us how an idiot like Faith can withdraw and keep all those millions at home. Too much NATO will take us nowhere. Otherwise we will also become STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. Chiluba found the economy in a mess and equally mwanawasa and they worked through it, why is upnd failling to find solutions bwengwa economics as no room for national issues

    • What are the terms of reference of a Presidential Spokesperson/ State House Communications Specialust? Is it okay for him/her to respond directly to politicians?

  3. The ‘mpeleniko tubili nalelo kalipila mailo’ is a very accurate description of the mindset that Lungu is approaching serious national issues. A mixture of recklessness without any sense of shame or regret indicates that given another chance, the chap would clear the national coffers.

    We Zambians emphatically registered our lack of confidence at the last election. The man has already served 2 terms of office already. Let’s move on and discuss other relevant issues. Lungu is a history lesson we should never forget otherwise he or someone with same reckless mindset will come back and plunder even more than they did first time around.

  4. There are no communication specialists at state house. Hamasaka is a amateur political spindoctor. A classic example of a total disappointment occupying space in the government structure. Anthony Bwalya, eventhough a UPND cadre, was far much better that Hamasaka, Kasanda, Mweetwa and Simuuwe put together. Just like their captain they offload more of quantity and not quality.


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